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VQ35DE 73 240 Build

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Onyx, when it comes to the vq, there are three options.   1- standalone engine management, not many doing that these days on regular motors because of options 2 and 3. 2- full wiring

I also made a front strap out of some 1/8” cable with some tubing around it. I already have a rt mount so if it translates any noise I’ll take it out.

Zdayz was a lot of fun this year. Looking to do more activities there next year.          

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Road videos will have to wait, battling the coolant system...can’t seem to get this thing completely bled. 

And, the rear end is making some noises that are concerning. One of which I think I know the issue. The right stub axle stud heads rub the diff housing on decel. It’s almost like the diff stub axle isn’t completely popped in place (obx helical lsd).


Plus, the 3.9 is a little too much with cd009 transmission. I have a 3.5 I may build and swap. Just need to drive it more to make a decision. I’ve only put 60 miles on it!



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Been a bit since I updated but I've put about 400 miles on it. Such a blast to drive, it's ridiculous how well it handles and goes. No drama, just does what you ask of it.


For the cooling, I had to change to a recirculating overflow tank. So now it can push/pull fluid with heat cycles.




Photo Jul 18, 7 51 49 AM.jpg

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15 hours ago, 260DET said:

What nice work, should handle great with the engine set back you have, just keep that front spoiler on to reduce front end lift at high speed. It's a true sleeper, wow!


Thanks, It's amazing how fun it is to drive. I wish I could run the spoiler on the front all of the time but here in the mountains, it would get torn off pretty quick because of the angles of driveways and entrances.

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On 6/18/2021 at 2:46 AM, 260DET said:

Enough of the show pics, get it out on a road course with in-car video and lots of 'wows!'

Right! I was talking to a guy about that recently as well. There is another show or two in October so this may be the last show quality show. It needs to be used as designed.

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