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1J and 2J motor mounts

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I used cxracing. I just cut the own mount plates off the subframe, relocated them back where I wanted engine. Very simple.





He is very right on the bolts. I currently have what I had in my garage thrown in. I need to run to ace hardware.


As far as mounting to frame rail. I seen that go bad. Very bad.

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^^smart way to mount the engine to the rails. don't weld in place till you find out if the shifter will  locate in the factory hole .slide them along till it fits.

 Jaguar V12 mounts are much stronger/better insulation than the range Rover, only a couple of MM thicker, 20mm bigger diameter, and only about $15 more expensive.

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^^^ smooth running could be the key.

Solid, as in, aluminium -or solid, as in, not silicone filled?

I've used the  solid (rubber) v12 Jaguar mounts on;

a 260Z with 1J turbo,

928 porsche with 3uz V8

300zx TT- factory engine, (but modified the mounts due to ridiculous cost of factory mounts filled with silicone gloop)

two TR8s (3.5 litre and 4.6)

Never experienced anything even resembling a slight ( out of place) vibration

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my actual 2JZ mount project.

The idea is to have already part of the mount on the frame and on the subframe.

More info here : https://www.facebook.com/JcDatsun240z/


I use 4mm MDF to create prototype






The engine mount rubber is from a Range Rover









Nice!! I thank both of you guys for the use of MDF wood first to make mounts

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