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L6 turbo tube header

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Getting another estimate for custom fab tube header using 304SS sch 40 fittings for divided turbine and external wastegate to accommodate TO4 or GT35 tangential turbine.  Please advise interest.

i've made headers before. Did this one 20+ years ago.


this pic. is UGLY, I know. I took this in my warehouse today when I was shifting cars around. You can see the turbo manifold.post-9962-0-33472600-1425616001_thumb.jpg


Let us know how your search goes.....

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Fabricator challenged at adapting round tube to square port.  Is there a header flange available here?  I thought I recall someone had fabricated one for use in building a tube header.


If you look at the picture below I milled ~0.125" into the flange to allow the round exhaust tube to mate properly.  This was using a round port exhaust P90 head, but you can take the same approach with a D-port head such as N42.  From there you can just port to smooth the transition as best as possible.  Some feel the step is beneficial to reduce effects of reversion.  It will be difficult to shape thick walled tubing to fit the port without the necessary tooling.



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Make a mandrel in the shape of the square port out of steel (cut, file, sand, etc.). Heat the end of the stainless round tube to about 1,000F. Put some high temp grease on the mandrel and pound the mandrel into the round tube to shape it.

Was just going to post the same.


Could also cnc a flange with the square to round transition built into it.

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