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Is this a normal amount of travel after lowering?

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I just installed a set of Vogtland springs, and they lowered the car an even 2". Its a little lower than i would have liked, but its alright. But i am concerned about the amount of travel it took away from the suspension. It looks like there is only about an inch left of travel before bottoming out. Is this normal?


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You didn't say which bump stops you're running, but if you intend to run really low without sectioning the struts, then a good bump stop will make a big difference. You can get one that engages almost immediately and has a decent spring rate. The ones that Energy Suspension sells are what you typically see on Z cars. They're polyurethane and VERY stiff; they're junk. Many newer cars are on the bumpstops about 1/2 the time you're driving, and essentially any time you turn. You need one that works with a reasonable spring rate if you're going to do the same thing.


Here's a great video on bump stops:

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That picture isn't too illuminating. When I lowered my 240z on cut 280z springs about 2 inches I had about 1.5 inches or so travel left so if that is what you have then it seems "normal" for that kind of drop. If the spring rate is higher then stock and the shocks have good dampening characteristics, you shouldn't have to worry. My ride was firm, but comfortable. I've been in several cars that spent a lot of time smashing into hard bumpstops, crashy is what it feels like, if you feel like you are engaging them often, you can either trim them down to get a little more room, or you can do as JM says and get ones that are the foam type with a good spring rate. If it is much lower then you would like you can get spring cushions to help keep them from separated, although you loose active coils by doing so.

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