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2jz Megasquirt help

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On 1/2/2018 at 4:30 AM, softopz said:

Yes you have your TPS wires crossed looking at a 2jz TPS in a FSM will tell you which one is 5vref, ground and output. And you still have to calibrate your TPS signal in tunerstudio.


Secondly Having power to coils and injectors means half the battle you are most likely not getting a tach signal (to fire them via MS ground ) or you are getting fuel and spark just not getting it at the right event. Everything revolves around the tach signal .  Which leads me to my next question are you getting a tach signal during cranking in tuner studio RPM gauge? Sorry I pmed you concerning l28et distributor wiring you never mentioned to me in PM what your setup was . Before I make you a harness your problem could be easily done with a bit of research and help here on the forums. If you want me to make a harness thats fine by me to!


You sound young we were all at that age and we just wanna get shit done and enjoy the project that feels like its been an eternity already . But seriously slow down, do it right the first time, dont cut corners and research research will go along ways! 

NOW  go download the FSM for your engine, and even the dizzy specifically which engine it came from. TELL us how you wired your distributor.


Also simple but overlooked thing always happens your 12v source for CAS input and MS input should have power when cranking! 

Well said, how many times have we re done something because we rushed through it LOL...


I am at that " I want to drive my car" stage again..this time with body work..blah LOL

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