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L28 Build Thread 75 280z (N/A to Turbo Conversion)*UPDATED


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2 hours ago, turbogrill said:

300hp is a lot for a light car as that. Great that the suspension has been upgraded! It would be undrivable with those power levels and shitty old suspenion.

What wheels are you running? 15x8? I would get sporty tires, like Direzza or Ventus RS-4. Depends on if you like to go around corners fast or just floor it at red lights. 

You technically don't need the actual gauge but you do need the wideband controller for megasquirt tuning. The gauge cost nothing, it's the sensor/controller board that cost. I would recommend getting the gauge as well for back up during tuning. Just  zip-tie it initially and then remove it after your tune is steady.


As for fuel pump, not sure if the stock fuel pump can handle your power levels. Are you planning on running stock fuel pressure or higher? Depends on your injectors flow rate. 

I would just get a Bosch pump, old pumps can fail. 


Will you be controlling timing as well with Megasquirt? I think turbos like that.

It has new tires on it now, I'll have to check what they are. I think the wheels are 16x8 with brand new BF Goodrich G-Force Comp 2's. 225s. They came with the car and were brand new. And I am buying a full harness and kit from softopz so anything that will be needed to get it going he will make sure I have it for the setup I am going for, he's been very helpful. I am also gonna have it tuned remotely to help me get it right.

The stock fuel pump has been replaced with a brand new one recently (stock replacement) but I have no clue what it's output is. Most likely higher fuel pressure than stock id imagine. 

And as for timing I'd assume so (bare with me as im still learning about megasquirt). I know it'll be using the turbo distributor for sure so I'm assuming it will communicate the timing through that. 

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4 hours ago, madkaw said:

I think you can have a fun fast car without doing a compete engine swap. You have a short block that will take 300 on a regular basis from all I’ve read . 300 would be very fast and it sounds like you have a nice set up already. Of course this is Hybridz too:)

I couldnt agree more! 

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6 hours ago, Greeko said:

The JZ is actually 45 lbs lighter than the stock L28..

I get it though...People will always work on whatever engine you want..just gonna cost you. Parts may be a touch more difficult to source etc etc.

Sadly I do not have my old videos.. What I can tell you is it started first try... Amazed at how easy it was.


I will be posting more up...just finishing paint right now.. Just laid down first coat today!

 Really? Interesting it must be a much lighter material. It sure does take up alot of room! haha worth it im sure though! And I can always swap in a newer motor! With the scarcity of parts for these builds I may not get the chance to do this again! 

And its looking good! Cant wait to see the finished product! 

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6 hours ago, Zetsaz said:

Something you need to consider regardless of swap down the road isn't just raw power, but where it makes it. Find dyno charts and compare power bands. I know after seeing a lot of 1jz dyno charts, I was leaning back to the L28ET route for cost and lower end power. Of course VVT-i on either will get you a bit of better power on the low end. 2JZ would be superior to either of them in both regards, but you start getting into cost effectiveness relative to your goals.

Absolutely. And alot of my reason with sticking with the L28 build is that its already ready to rock n roll! It just needs a little pep and itll be a fun car(funner I should say!). I'm sure it will get a swap someday but I really am intrigued with the L28 and wanna see what its all about. 

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One more thing to say.

Did you ever drive a Turbo Z?

Im saying this because the "Funfactor" depends on where you drive.

I have a 274 BHP N/A Z and a 450 AWHP BMW. on twisted roads the N/A Z is so much more fun to drive then the Turbo BMW. on a light signal start or highway its the Turbo.

Drive both types if you can and see what suits you best. (Gear change point at 7500 N/A with the sound of tripples is one of the best things I ever had -->The smile is much bigger with the Z...).

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