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Arttu's 240Z Never Ready


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Almost there, still middle with fabricating ball joint pins. Pity they don´t sell these solo, i really don´t want to buy whole control arm for just a pin. Front ones will fit nicely, and bump-steer seems quite nice. Need to fab threads when  i get back to lathe. Rear pins are still inside of the rod, i need to dig them out too....



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Got this on wheels recently, and that´s about it.  Some struggling with alignment and finishing, but nothing major. Also tried steering with seat and noticed china boss and quick release was too much. So i ordered NRG short hub and will try with it. Need some motivation, anybody got some extra?


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Let´s see, engine is almost done. OIl pan get´s maybe little modification and alternator bracket isn´t done yet. Also exhaust manifold is still on drawing board, i´ll wait until engine is in the bay.


Little bit specs: 

stock internals, ceramic coated pistons and combustions.

new Gti-R oil pump and bearings

new water pump

cometic head gasket 0.040" CR~9.0 squish ~0.9mm

slightly modified valve pockets and throats

BC cams, ti-retainers, springs, cam sprockets

naprec stronger head chain, new latest model tensioner, dual guide modification

vag coil packs, etc.

turbo will be borgwarner/holset hybrid, dynoed in other engine ~570hp



Steering column is moved more to engine bay, by 2" because i didn´t want wheel so close to my nose. Wheel is Nardi classic 350mm, with NRG short hub and quick release. 

New steering bush is made from hockey puck.


Right now i´m thinking to move those gauges to the center of steering wheel. When i get steering wheel center with my seat, gauges weren´t center with steering wheel.




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So, the prop shaft. I did some research with youtube and get into it. Short piece of S13´s front prop and longer piece of rear prop. Joint to joint 608mm. 10mm clearance.


I did piece of tube inside to guide those ends straight, and welded them together in lathe. Then some heating there and here, checking with dial indicator. 


Some  errors and found a place to weld piece of metal to balancing front end. Back en was ok, of course, there were no modifications. 


I don´t have pics, except ready shaft. But i made some kind of tool to get this thing into lathe. I get back to work in a weekend so more then if anybody intrested... It´s just big live centre with welded flange. 

There is a welding seam pointed with arrow.


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