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Arttu's 240Z Never Ready


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Bit bodywork on the rear end. Installed new fuel cap behind licence plate to hide it. Almost started to fab chevy-style plate flipper, but maybe be happy with some magnets to keep it close.


Also replaced rusted hatch lip with aluminium one. Installed with glue and couple of rivets.

Those water rails on hatch surroundings get more length to avoid water problems in future. 


Some problems occured with front fenders, driver side is ~1/4" longer than other. Is this common?



fuel cap.jpg

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There was some conversation in other topic about blade type rollbar.

So, i have one like this. 32x3mm cro-mo tube and 260mm blades. Blades are 35 to 25mm wide and 6mm thick, steel of course.


Bar itself is more just a link between blades. This type rollbar works mainly with blades, i.e tube is stiff and blades are flexing (if they do) It depends how they are adjusted.

If blade is vertical, it´s very stiff, horizontally they are pretty flexible. Any position between those, are something between, ofc.  To adjust, just loose bolt (most left head of blade) and tur to desired position. Or attach cable and make remote control. 




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I was out of town, thanks for posting this info Arttu. I have this end: https://www.ebay.com/itm/381257941708 which came off of a sway bar for an E46 that I bought used for an extremely good price. 

Here are some details on my blade end from Hoerr Racing Products: "The GC1042 blade is a 950L blade which is the longest one we offer.   The .310 thickness is a bit heavy for a 1 ¼” dia bar,  a .270” blade would be more ideal.   Let me know which direction you end up going with,  I’ll be glad to help out if you choose to buy new items."

So that would be 7.75mm thick, tapers more dramatically, and is also shorter at 190mm. Now I'm mulling selling and buying the thinner .270 blade which is 6.75mm thick, or just making an adjustable bar end and leaving it be. I'd love to have the in cockpit adjustability, but not sure how much effort I want to put into it.


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Look how much rear axle lives on this thing! wow, those control arms has heim joints. must be cause shorter than stock pivot points? dont fix it if aint broken!


your multi-link axle is safe bet

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