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FS: Z31T axle adapter flanges for S30 + R200. Slim design

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Had a post about the design process and checking of clearance in the Drivetrain section. Now here's the sale post of the adapters I've made several sets of.


Quick Description:

Z31T weld on adapter Flanges to fit Z31T CV axles into S30 chassis with the use of an R200.


Long Description:

They weld onto the outboard axle flange to provide a bolt pattern that will fit Z31 Turbo axles. The axles are NLA but you can find them on forums, craigslist, car-part.com, ebay, etc. They are a very strong axle. It is for an R200 diff, not stock R180. Rockauto has recently has some new style axles. The CV type is tripod which is a little weaker and the axle shaft diameter is fair bit smaller. no idea how much power they will support.
1) They are weld on style. They must be welded by someone with a little experience since you're welding to the stock cast flange. They also must be bolted down if you want the flange to remain flat. They also must be centered into the square relief. The Square flange IS NOT concentric to the rotational axis and it must be shimmed and positioned correctly so that there is minimal runout.

*** A JIG is now available to rent that both locates center and keeps the parts flat during the welding process. $20 + shipping to the next user.

2) They require grinding the stub axle nut and shaft between 1/16-1/8" depending on if its 240 or 280 style. Basically enough so that the flange is flat.

3) They still require flipping the cages inside the CV. I've measured that on the Driverside it would be fine (only 2.5mm of clearance) without, but I'd do it anyways. Passenger side is tighter and needs it.

4). Material is mild steel. Paint or powdercoat (if you remove the stock flange to weld) at your own will to prevent corrosion.


A jig is available now to center the stock flange to the new flange and hold it during welding.


I've got a PDF of the instructions for install attached.


Sets are $205 USD shipped when paid with "friends/family" otherwise I get charged fees.




https://www.dropbox.com/s/23dj8il5rru20i3/Z31 Turbo CV axle ConversionV4.pdf?dl=0


Z31 Turbo CV axle Conversion-v3.pdf

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I also built a jig to help in welding. It locates the flange on the stock locating ring on your stock companion flange. I can rent it out for shipping costs and security deposit and such, but if you know how to shim something and use a Dial indicator to check runout, may not need it.

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On ‎12‎/‎22‎/‎2018 at 7:47 AM, fluidmotion said:

I'm interested in a set also.  

Got a new batch of flanges all done.

Some of the costs went up marginally unfortunately. Now $205 Shipped and request you pay via friends/family to cut down on my fees.

Jig rental cost down to $20 from $30 however.

Total $225 with Jig rental, plus you ship jig to next user.


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