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Wanted: R200 Finned Diff Cover

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21 hours ago, jthom5147 said:

I have a short nose finned cover, if you’re interested.


the mustache bar bolts are spaced wider and the housing bolts are slightly larger but would bolt to a long nose case.


I have considered this rout. How far off are the mustache bar bolts? 

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Longnose R200 is 4.25" spacing, Shortnose is 4.75" spacing.


If you do get the finned cover you'll have to get a different transverse bar to connect the drop mounts for the rear suspension. The fins clash with that the stock piece and you have to raise it up.


Arizona Z car does it like this.



To get both the mustache bar and everything else it's about 550 bucks. Not super cheap, but it'll work, and it'll look fantastic! :)

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