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single 2 1/2 pipe

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I am putting a mild 350 sbc in my 76 280z. I'm thinking of using shorty headers with 2 1/2 in collectors into 2 1/2 in y pipe with same size pipe and muffler all the way out. this car will be a street cruiser and maybe an occasional 1/4 mile blast. hoping to have something pleasant to drive on the street but a little bit of a sleeper.  any thoughts suggestions?

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Yes, that would certainly work for you on a mild tune....GM has used single exhaust that size on many of their V8 applications over the years.  


If if you wanted to build a little margin into the system for possible future upgrades (e.g. bigger cam, carb, etc), you could use 3" for the single pipe after the Y.  This is what I'm running for my current exhaust with a mild Lunati cam and Holley 600.


My two cents, FWIW.

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240Z SBC  Hooker block hugger headers 2 1/2 in. exhaust


Note clearances for oil filter, starter, clutch slave, transmission etc. Also, flange at end of transmission tail stock to allow access to driveshaft without complete removal of exhaust.







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JHM and Miles, thanks for your input. Miles what size down pipes from header flange to Y pipe are you using? your system is very clean, close to what I am planning. I plan to make my own Y pipe using a 2 1/2" cutout from speedway motors and some 45 deg. bends. 2 1/2" all the way to the rear. If I ever wanted to step it up a bit I can go with 3" from the Y on back. I'm 76 (and my wild days are over ???) now and I just want a cool cruiser.

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Here is a list of the parts used to set up my exhaust system:






HEADER BOLTS ARP 400-1107 3/8" X .750" (Recommend 1 inch).  These bolts allow good socket/open end wrench clearance.


REMFLEX EXHAUST HEADER GASKET SET 2004 (recommend 3/8"  x 1" header bolts as the gasket is thick until crushed down)


ACCELL "SHORTY" SPARK PLUGS 8199 (any short insulator plug will work - very limited clearance between header and plug). 


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