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Radiator Support Solution

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 I would like to share some good news. I picked up my S30 for $500 dollars.It had the usual rust issues, battery area, passenger side floor board due to ruptured heater core and spare tire well.But other than that being a Texas car and being stored on gravel it is pretty solid. The biggest issue which would have been make or break was the Rad Support. The car look like it had incident with a curb. The front of the front drivers side frame rail was wrinkled along with the Rad Support on that side. Someone tried to straighten it in the past with little success. To make long story short i couldn't find a replacement in the junk yards or online anywhere. Let me introduce you to Auto Panel Solutions. They are a Mom and Pop business based out of the UK. The contacted me on Facebook to let me know about their new kit. I ordered it immediately. The quality is good, though I haven't fitted it yet. Here is a pic,I can upload more.If you check them out on Facebook they have a multitude of patch-panel solutions for the S30. They are based in the UK so you know they know about rust and how to fix it. Any question I would be happy to answer what I can.



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They seem to have some pretty accurate restampings of tricker parts. I'm excited for it and hoping they're successful.


A lot of American classics you can almost rebuild from next to nothing, but we don't have quite the same luck with the Zs. Slowly getting better and better though. 

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