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Oil Pan fabrication

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Have not had much luck searching and finding threads on performance oil pans for our L6 motors, so went out on my own on this one and am currently building a higher capacity oil pan. Do enjoy quite a few track days in my old beater, have had good luck with current oil pan on tracks with long straights such as Road Atlanta, and tracks with some banking to them such as Daytona on a stock pan. However have had the inclination to do a pan ever since getting a LD28 Maxima pan when I pulled the crankshaft out.

This pan definitely has more capacity and with the "wings" has some metering to it when the oil sloshes from side to side. Looking at it to me seemed like it could be an improvement over stock. There are a couple of questions though such as the inside of the pan and the baffles, does anyone here have any suggestions on them or do they look good as they are?



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6 hours ago, Chris83zxt said:

I took at look at the AZZcar oil pan and I noticed it only states support up through 78'.  Are there steering components in the way in 79+ that keeps it from working in a ZX?

Well the oil pan will fit the L28 engine that is in the ZX but may or may not fit with that engine in the ZX.

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