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info wanted about this car

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Hey Gang - new to the V8 Z stuff, but seriously interested in a particular car currently for sale.  Does anyone know about this particular vehicle out here in Nor Cal?




So excited to become a fellow v8 Z owner, but still in my infancy on knowledge for this particular type of conversion.


thanks for any input.


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Posted (edited)




Useful information:

  • Download a Factory Service Manual (FSM). http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30.html
  • Download electrical schematics for your car.  PDFs are easier to read than those found in books. Some are in color.
  • Buy the book How to Restore Your Datsun Z Car by Wick Humble. It will save you hours of searching for "how to" info.
  •  Focus on searching Hybridz as 99% of questions have already been addressed.
  • Start bookmarking Z car parts suppliers. Remember these are 40 year old cars and will need restoration to be safe and drivable.
  • Join ClassicZCars.com website and search there as well.  
  • Become well informed about modifications before asking questions. People will be more inclined to  answer informed questions
  • Search the forums.
  • Read all of the new member guidelines and FAQs





https://www.datsun-240z-upgrades.net/                Recommend the headlight relay harness















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Better check the emissions rules in EDH.  Many people have trouble getting past the CARB.  And there will be fees probably if it was not registered for three years.  Might be a reason that it wasn't registered.  You might buy it but not be able to drive it legally.

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It's not truly smog exempt like the pre '69 cars.  It just doesn't have to be smog tested ('75s or earlier).  It still has to have OEM equipment.  The 71 had EGR and smog pump.  But they don't check when you register it.  Just don't bring it to the DMV when you register it so they can't look at it (unlikely a DMV guy is going to want to take a peek).  But if it ever has to get inspected it will not be legal in CA.

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I don't know California but don't they keep a record of cars with past violations?  Not to be a buzz-kill, but why would you let a car sit unregistered for three years?


Trust but verify...

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