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So in a panic trying to get this thing kinda done as I might have to move it out of the shop... Making sparks a couple weekends ago, prepping the inner rocker for the roll cage base mounts. Cut some crusty frame rails out and positioned the new one for mockup. AGI RollCages     worked with me to tackle a minor deviation between chassis and sent components to modify the windscreen bar. I cannot recommend AGI enough for their support and level of detail. It's been an open book and one of the easiest companies to deal with.








The cage is 100% fitted. With everything buckled down, and rigid, and knowing the car is completely level, I've made a risky decision. I am tying the fore-aft frame together as one unit and will lift it into place to secure it. The rockers are completely tied by the firewall and door latch via cage/door bars, and the main hoop will keep the rear struts from twisting when I cut both rails out of the floor. We'll see if I goofed, otherwise...full-send.




Got an estimate of the suspension shipping out in 2 weeks. Hopefully this will be rolling soon.

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So even though I have the Wilwood hats and their correct offsets, I decided to take some liberties and redesign a set with inspiration from the design of the Trackspeed setup I had for the miata. Printed it out and it fits well!signal_2020_09_13_232056_007_95add86426dbf6861f43f20611cd799b59f237bc.jpeg

Calipers came in, and I have confidence now in the model previously printed.

Had the brackets previously designed cut and test fitted to the OEM 370z knuckle. Tooling didn't come in to make the slots, but I'm not too worried about it.

Perfect fit! :)

I don't think I'll ever use Heli-coils ever again. Time-serts feel far superior. I didn't want steel bolts galling the aluminum bracket. Who knows how many times I'm going to be taking this thing on and off. Kit comes with pilot drill bit, counterbore tool, special tap, inserts and installation tool. The last two threads are malformed so when driving the install tool all the way through, it'll set the insert and cold forge the bottom into the substrate metal. Some loctite, and it's not going to budge.

I decided I'm going with a TR6060, so I needed a shifter. This H-pattern from S1 Sequential will fit the bill. Why do so many of my parts come from Australia?

In other updates, got clutch from the nice folks at Competition Clutch who is selling a full face Twin Organic Disc clutch as part of their Vengeance lineup. Excited to get this mounted to the LS3 once I source a TR6060.


If the suspension comes sometime soon, I'll be ready to throw these on to wheels and get the shell rolling


Finally cut all the old frame rails out

My buddy Denis dropped by to help melt metal

Test fitting and aligning the frame

Lot's of fitting, trimming and re-fitting. Finally got it tacked on the firewall and in a couple places down the floor.


Next week, finish welding the frame in, then try to get help on fixing the body. It's been stagnating for far too long and I want to get this thing done.

This post brought to you by Theia basking in the sun...

....Lilith casually posing...

and Koios.....being weird.

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Project is looking fantastic, great work!


I certainly agree with you about Timeserts.  The only advantage to Helicoils is availability.  I can usually find Helicoils locally whereas Timeserts always have to be mail ordered.  But in terms of design and installation, Timeserts are far superior.


In designing my front brake caliper brackets, I too wanted to avoid relying on threads tapped in aluminum.  I just had them drill through holes to use a nut and bolt to secure the caliper.  in the rear that wasn't feasible, so I just had the brackets machined in steel.  The weight difference is pretty insignificant on such a small part.

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