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NB Miata Dash Swap

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Inspired by @clocker thread, and a $50 dash I found on Craigslist, I decided to try and tackle the NB ('98-'05) Miata dash and center console swap.

Width size, it's pretty much perfect although as he points out, if the dash is centered in the car, the gauge cluster winds up being right of center. Not the end of the world though. I also had to trim the back of the dash to fit the contour of the Z firewall. Maybe .5" or in the center and closer to 1"-1.5" at the ends. Even the center console fits almost perfectly. 




After I was happy with where the dash was, I then modified the Miata dash support to mount to the factory Z pick up points. That involved a good bit of cutting and then adding mounting points to the ends and the plate that gets sandwiched by the steering column like the factory dash.



I had Speedhut gauges already that were sized for the Z dash but unfortunately the Miata cluster is very small and wouldn't accommodate them. So, I fashioned and mounted an aluminum plate in the hood. The speedo is going to wind up going in the center of the dash a la Mini Cooper - because speedometers are just a distraction on the track. (Gauges are centered with the steering wheel)




Currently I'm working on a panel for the rear of the dash to cover the defroster ducts (and some boogered cuts I made cutting the dash). (It'll be painted black)


Eventually the lower portions will be painted black and the entire thing will be flocked. 


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Little more complete picture.

For the heater/ defrost I'm using a Vintage Air unit (gen II heater). You can see in the picture the aluminum piece where the dash meets the window gasket. I used the little ducts that come with the heater and notched the dash for them to fit, then secured them to the trim piece and drilled some holes. The ducts are pretty small - maybe a 6" opening, .5" wide or so.

Fuse panel is now mounted behind the glove box and I'm still working on getting the center console installed (had to cut out the factory mounting points for it to sit flush with the tunnel).

I also tore down and cleaned up the factory turn and headlight switches and they seem to be working fine. 

I'll get some more pictures but overall, I'm really pleased with it. Looks a lot better than what I had in there and the gauge visibility is significantly better.


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Just a few more pictures of the defrost vent and the fuse box situation. The defroster works really well - needed it on Saturday going to Cars and Coffee (temps in the 40's in the morning). The center console is also installed (finally have cup holders again!!) but it's going to need some massaging and maybe some extra padding under the carpet in some spots to make it look like it really belongs in there. 





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