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Headlight dimmer switch?

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I broke mine during assembly and searched for a while to try and find one. I couldn't find any sources for a stock switch like that. I tried to retrofit an existing switch from a different car or just any random switch off the internet but I couldn't find anything the right size that had the correct switch routing. So I ended up getting a push button switch that had a double throw with a common pin and mounting it on the dash. Had to do some magic with the wiring but it worked out in the end and I don't think it looks half bad. Obviously not gunna work if you want the stock look but hey thought I would share what I did. I'm sure you could get a custom switch made or even 3D print something if you want to get real creative and retain the stock feel.



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People have taken those apart and cleaned them up with success.  The contacts don't burn up they just get gummed up.  Many people, myself included, have fixed them just by spraying large amounts of contact cleaner in to the assembly and working the mechanism.  Not lying.  Many people who buy a Z that has sat for years find that they don't have headlights or they only have high or low.  It's probably just a light film of corrosion and a weak spring in the mechanism that can't push through it.

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