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I’m just thinking about a couple options and wanted some more opinions. I have had a 280z for about 1-1/2 now and done a lot of work to it but honestly it’s still closer to a roller then a runner. A few weeks ago I picked up a 280zx turbo and was planning to rip out the motor and install it in my 280z with the ms 2 system I have and convert it over to e85. The msq and e85 have been the plans for a while. But I’m on the fence now with selling my 280z now and keeping the 280zx turbo since it’s a (semi) running and driving car and throwing the msq and stuff on it. Any thoughts on what you guys would do? 

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1st should be which ever has the better body. If they are both similar in condition you should keep the 280z. The zx has less support from companies for parts. Possibilities are endless with the s30 chassis. 

You could always get the zx running and just drive it while you get the 280z ready for the motor swap.

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