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Joe's 1972 240Z adventure

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Love that chrome exhaust tip, lights are looking great..  It always pays to do your own work and to just roll around under your car.  See how your fixed your wiring and now have some piece of mind.. Good on you Joe..

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8-19-2021 update. I went ahead, and after studying some last night and more advice from others in here, I went ahead and cleaned up and rewired the coil and ballast area. I also replaced the mechanical fuel pump with a unit from O'Reilley's. Looks just like my factory Kyosaki (sp?) pump. The car fired right up! Also went ahead and got the front turn signals cleaned up and installed and the front bumper cleaned up and installed. I managed to take a few pics before the phone died, I will try to get some of the nose of the car tomorrow. Are are some pics:
Cutting and splicing:


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Here are a couple of quick videos I made tonight.  My clear coat....I have been kind of bummed, as it came out looking like primer....dull and very rough.  Well, I took the advice of the paint store online and gave it over a week to harden....then color sanded a couple spots with 2000 grit and some water, then put some Turtle Wax medium polishing compound on it, and then took a soft towel and put it down and ran my orbital sander on top of the towel.  It jumped to life!!! :D

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8-24-2021 progress. Got out to the garage and took the exhaust system about 1/2 way apart and readjusted things, fine tuned it and got it exactly where it is supposed to be now. The mufflers oval is hidden up in the well, per the MSA instructions. VERY clean way to do it.  The MSA exhaust kits are pretty nice. The bends are mandrel bent, meaning no crimp in the corners. 2.5 inch. Mine was misaligned a tad when they made it which made it harder to install, but I finally got it right. 🙂 Then I went ahead and got ready to mount my BRE Spook front spoiler. I noticed it actually has markings to prove it's from BRE. Also surprised it came in white gel coat....I was expecting black. After that I spent some time starting on the hood with the 2000 grit color sanding and buffing....it's about half way there. Before calling it a day I took my wheels and sanded out the center holes so my center caps would fit. That took about 2-3 minutes per wheel. Anyway, here are some pics.











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