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Good project for someone!!


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Saw this on FB marketplace and had to share....looks like a heckuva' deal from the pictures provided.  The purchase price isn't much more than the cost of a g-nose kit alone.  



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I think the listing disappeared :( 


Just going to whine for a brief moment. Having returned to FB for the first time in many years, the Datsun/Z enthusiast groups on there are…. Disappointing…(except for the racing specific groups)


Reading the responses to folks asking for help. Man, you really got to sort through some terrible responses/advice before you find anything pointing in the right direction (if at all). 


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2 hours ago, calZ said:

Even Church of L-Series has gone downhill a bit over the last year or so.

That's the nature of the beast on FB and reddit. A properly moderated forum like this one is the best for technical help but like all things in this world people want it now. What amazes me is in the time they typed out the question they could have googled it and got all the info they could want. 

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@AydinZ71, et al....I just checked and it appears the listing is still active.  I'll copy/paste the ad info below, in case others are having difficulty viewing the ad.  (One may have to belong to the FB page "Datsuns for sale!" in order to view the ad.)


No argument at all with all the comments about usefulness of social media for tech info sharing.  I'm still convinced that FB is only useful for sharing funny dog videos.  HBZ and ClassicZCars are really the only online tech boards I regularly rely on. 



Seller:  Eli Keep-barnes

FB page:  "Datsuns for sale!"


1971 Nissan 240z


Listed 15 weeks ago in Copperas Cove, TX


About This Vehicle

Driven 12,000 miles

Automatic transmission

Exterior color: Black

Seller's Description

1971 Datsun 240z · Coupe · Driven miles unknown Selling my 1971 240z wide body started a project but decided to go a different route. It’s a roller does not run completely stripped on the inside but still has a bunch of parts, engine, transmission, radiator, complete G-nose front end, spoiler, dash, if your interested DM me PRICE IS FIRM NO TRADES

See less

Copperas Cove, TX

Location is approximate


May be an image of outdoors

No photo description available.

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