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Steering Column Cover Reproduction


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I am almost finished with creating a reproduction upper steering column cover for 74-78 260/280z. Looking to gauge interest to see if this is something anyone would be interested in purchasing from me once I finalize the part. They are hard to find in good shape used and are often broken. 



I had the idea because I wanted to make a integrated 52mm gauge pod that sat right between the Tach and Speedo, and the column cover I had was in pretty rough shape. I haven't decided if I would print the gauge pod version as a single piece or print them as two separate pieces and join them after. 

I will be 3d printing them in PETG and would plan on could either sell them raw, finish them in an oem like paint, fabric wrap, or flock. The prototype pictured below was printed at the lowest quality so the final products will just need to some light sanding and paint to look like oem. 


If you are interested let me know what you would want and how you might want it finished
Upper Cover

Lower Cover

Gauge pod to mount onto an existing cover

Upper Cover with integrated gauge pod

Finish options

Fabric Wrap (Vinyl would be easiest, leather/microsuede might not stretch enough)


Im thinking rough cost would be around $50-75 for the column covers, $25 for the gauge pod. Probably a little more for fabric wrapping. 

If I can cover the cost of the time I spent making these models I could start producing other small parts as well. I already have a rough 3d model for the lower steering column cover created. 

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On 3/15/2023 at 3:45 PM, ihavearustedz said:

i would be interested in a upper & lower cover, raw finish

Sounds good! The lower cover could take awhile to complete. I have not started working on that model at all yet, and I will have to recreate all the mounting holes from scratch. 

The upper cover is very close to done. Here is the latest print, just tweaking the alignment pins on the rear and getting the fitment as good as possible.






I'll post updates to this thread when I have them. Thanks!

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It's not really thicker by design but it will definitely be more durable than the OEM piece. This plastic will flex quite a bit before it would break. Was also debating using heat set nuts to avoid plastic threads stripping which would require all new hardware but haven't gotten that far yet. 

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