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TimZ Dyno Results

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Congratulations Tim! I strive to come within a fraction of that kind of power.... :hail:


It's interesting that every BIG HP turbo L28 that I've seen make all their power under 6000 RPM's. I'm guessing the reason is in the design of the cylinder head.


I have a fairly large ISKY turbo cam and my peak power came in at 5250 RPM last time I was on the dyno.

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Thanks, guys...


The weather cleared up here this last week, and the forecast was for dry weather today, so I scrambled for some dyno trime, and then to get my car put back together :shock:


I really wanted to get a baseline with the new setup, so I could tell what additional changes (turbo, cam...) helped and how much.


Anyway, the cam that I am using is still the Isky L475 grind - the mildest turbo cam that Isky has. Flow bench tests showed that I could keep gaining flow out to about .530 lift, so I should be able to get pretty good results with a new cam. Haven't decided on a grind just yet.

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Anyone else realize the incredibly lean condition? 14:1? you're going to be damaging dodo.


That particular run was leaner than I would normally like, but the 14:1 was just a transient lean spot as boost was starting to build. When the boost hit, went back down into the 13's and then into the 12's. On subsequent runs, I fattened the mixture up until it was right at 12:1 through the boost range. Cost me a few hp though - the last run was only 462, but I did gain about 0.5 lb-ft... :D


EGTs were in check (~1400degF) and it wasn't detonating, so I didn't feel too bad showing that run. As I mentioned I was just trying to establish a baseline today.


Here was the last run of the day:


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What turbo. Compressor' date=' turbine trim, and a/r?




It's a Turbonetics T64 - the turbine side is o-trim with a .84 ar split tangential housing.


The EGT is at the turbine inlet. The temps may have gone a bit higher than 1400, but I'm certain they never went over 1500F. They were starting out at about 1300 at the onset at boost and were slowly creeping up as the run went on, and seemed to stabilize at around 1400, maybe a little over. Kind of hard to watch everything while you are doing the pull. :confused2:


On the head - I had it redone and flow benched this last time around. When the new factory Nissan valve guides arrived, they were steel - apparently the brass ones aren't avalable. So I had new brass guides made - my head guy said that I could go as high as .540 lift with this setup.

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In that case then, contrary to the A/F on the dyno graph. it certainly isn't showing up as a dangerously lean mix with before-turbo temps of 1400F.


I get around 1250F after turbo on my 8psi powerplant at 12.5:1 AFR....


FWIW - I was able to get brass guides from Malvern Racing.


Lovely work, something to aim for!

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