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Turbo Tom's Setup


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Hope the admins don't bang on me for this but...


Gauging interest in a complete and I do mean complete Turbo Tom’s draw thru setup (no engine).

Trying to get an idea of what $$$ I can get for it.


It includes his own custom water injection system (I have not hooked it up).


This setup actually came off of Tom’s personal car a few months ago after it was sold last year when he passed away.


The engine was a built L28ET and the car ran excellent, I had a long conversion with the shop that maintained the car.


I was told that the car was making ~500 rwhp at ~22 psi the time it was pulled.


I have since installed it on a stock L24 and it runs incredibly well for an old 102k mile L24, but I do have the boost turned down to ~9 psi.


This setup is basically a plug and play deal, all you would need is to hookup the exhaust to the down pipe (3 inch) get the fuel connected and re-locate the ignition coil to the passenger side of the engine compartment.


I was going to keep my car stock looking and use this setup because it was so cool, retro and kind of rare/unique but I have since decided to go LS1.:twisted:


How much should I be asking for it guys?

I will post some pics later if anyone is interested.

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Turbo tom died in an interstate accident (tom and his girlfriend were both killed) it was a pileup down in Atlanta I believe. Horrible thing to happen, one of my buddy's was good friends with him and was working with him on building his car. All i can say is AMAZING work. Not too much stopped them. My buddy has a Richmond 6 speed tranny mated to a l28, C5 vette brakes, and just loads and loads of other quality custom stuff. I think anything turbo tom made was exceptional.



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Guest Dorifto

Yeah, I'm VERY interested in this setup - though it'll take me a few months to afford it [just bought another car], I'm definitely down for this package.


As for what it costs, I say total up what parts at cost would be, then adjust accordingly from there. Offering price ... well, I don't want to sound cheap, but still don't want to overshoot it ... $750?



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