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250 GTO Owners Thread

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Very very impressive. Congratulations.

Found these two at a local consignment dealer.             http://www.specialtysales.com/vehicles/11090             http://www.specialtysales.com/vehicles/11089  

Boranni got their modern (hub) design from Dayton...  You might say Boranni and Dayton wheels are essentially the same, because the only real difference is where the spoke go through the rim.

Posted Images

Do you know anyone who is decently proficient with computers? You seem to be having quite a bit of trouble, and I think it would be easier if you had someone physically there to help you. Doesn't have to be a kid, anyone who can figure it out will do.


If you need help with the site, you should create a thread here: http://forums.hybridz.org/forum/24-site-support/

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It appears my comment on the Non-Tech forum that Lee engage the services of someone under 14 to sort out his posting issues was not seen with the humourous intent with which it was posted. To make amends, here is what I believe Lee is trying to post.



It started as an original Alpha factory built, so the basic kit was done correctly with great fit and finish.

Over time, the car has evolved to the level it is today....there are so many upgrades only images can do it justice.

Engine is a pro built 280Z and has a reliable 300HP


Starting at the front:
-Brake cooling hoses to front brakes
-Original style CIBI? driving lights
-Heavy duty radiator
-Maserati Air horns
-Electric cooling fan
-Koni shocks
-3.1 liter displacement
-diesel crank
-Balanced and blueprinted
-Overbore pistons
-Free flow headers
-Early model head, ported and polished
-3/4 race cam
-3 dual throat Webbers with velocity stacks
-5 speed close ratio gearbox
-Battery relocated to rear
-Functional side vents
-Hood pins and scoops
-Modified cowling with fresh air ducting
-15X6? inch Dayton Borranis W/Dunlop tires
-Talbot vintage mirror
-Ferrari style dash with functional toggle switches
-Kill switch and starter button
-Genuine Nardi wheel with Ferrari horn button
-Correct style shifter gate,lever and shifter ball
-Leather racing seats with competition belts and harness
-Roll bar and fire extinguisher
-Correct door buttons
-Modified window frames with curved edges
-Plexiglas rear window with correct vent
-15X7 inch? rear Dayton Borranis
-Correct rear trunk fabricated from metal
-Competition gas filler
-NASCAR fuel cell mounted in a aluminum rived fuel tank
-Glorious sounding 4 tip exhaust
-Donor car is a very solid 1978 280Z 






















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Isn't it irony that I have to rely on the guys that work in my carwash after I've had a lifetime of very successful business ventures!


I'm ready to advertise the GTO.


Are the Fiat/Ferrari lawyers still trying to make money with the premise that some poor unsuspecting sole might be duped into thinking they are really

buying a 50M legendary Ferrari?

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...Thanks a TON Boy from Oz!


That's a tonne in my neck of the woods.  :)


No worries Lee. I'm not sure this is the forum if you're looking for top-end buyers, it's more populated buy DIY builder/owners. However, to that end I wonder if you have any photos of how you transformed the 'hatch' kit to a 'fixed window / trunk lid' arrangement. I'm sure there would be some interest in seeing that.


PM me if you still have difficulties posting photos.

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Great looking car, Lee.. It doesn't really seem to me to be from the old Alpha molds either - so much of the nose is different... The trunk doesn't even seem to be Tom's trunk kit.. though the rear might be his rear .. I see bits of several different cars.. perhaps it's something early from Tom (ScorpionZ)  I'm honestly a little stumped.. I'm not really used to being stumped by any of the GTO replicas  lol


Both of ours started life as Alpha1 cars.. and were modified far beyond that.

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Not many changes here on my stuff to show. The White GTO is still on the table - we did give up on using the 350Z front suspension and switched to C4 Corvette, but still a long way to go .. I've started making body parts for it though..

Before spring I want more appropriate seats in the red GTO.. The coilovers really made the stance look a lot better..


I'll try to share some detail shots this week.

I made my Jack hole plugs from a chunk of aluminum with a file.. took a while, but i think the result was worth it  :)


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"I had never seen the interior of this one!! Thanks for sharing!!"



The Moss car is probably the best example of how the cars looked when they were leaving the factory.  They were simple, with no luxury, except for the demisting nozzles.  To save weight, they  even left of the door panel finishers, carpeting, ant most everything else.


I think if you took it to a "car show" I'll bet people will get (offended) by how there is no 'interior' and the simple aluminium seats would be called  "crappy seats" because they are not carbon fiber, with leather and not labeled Recaro.  The lack of carpeting, door panels, and the visible tubes of the frame are just too simple for anyone not thoroughly educated on the design.


Just in case, go here to see the photos.

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"I had never seen the interior of this one!! Thanks for sharing!!"



The Moss car is probably the best example of how the cars looked when they were leaving the factory.  They were simple, with no luxury, except for the demisting nozzles.  To save weight, they  even left of the door panel finishers, carpeting, ant most everything else.


Every original GTO I have seen in person had the interior all exposed metal and painted either silver or black.. with simple blue or black seats. Of course there is the one with roll up windows and full interior, but I haven't seen it in person yet.   :) 


I have carpet, sound deadener, and A/c because I don't like to arrive at a car show looking like i just ran a marathon.. lol.. I do want more period seats though.

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"Period seats" ought to be easy enough to make.  You just bend some heavy aluminum into a curved seat back, then the same for the seat bottom, weld it together, and add a bit of K-Mart-quality (stadium seat pads?) to each, and some mounting legs to fit the floor.  I suppose a stadium seat from a sporting goods store would make a good example of the shape.




There were a few "Lusso" (luxury) interior cars, with the carpets & padding,  which I think were the ones with the roll-up windows, so I kept that in mind when I decided to omit the sliding windows, which would probably drive me nuts anyway.Otherwise, everything was plain, but with a nice coat of paint.


IMO, from my research, not every 250 GTO left the factory in the same condition or state of manufacture as every other, so it gives you some leeway in your interpretation of what you'd want to have yours like.  Some were modified by the owners later, and the ended up with stuff like ROUND fog/spot lamps, or NO fog lamps (empty holes for "ram air?"), or a third cooling slot (330s had them, but some 250s needed them) and different gauge arrangements (like a Zed has.) My secret cockpit recorder (a digital memo gizmo) recorded people saying how the Zed seats were "crappy seats."  I suppose said "GTO expert" knows the GTOs came with the fancy, moulded carbon-fiber Recaro racing seats?   Heck, there's even stories of how the doors were different lengths. So much for hand-beaten bodies....  But, obviously, it all fit together in a good way, so the guys had everything "fixed" before the owner got the keys.

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Beautiful location.... reminds me of the NorCal  coastline near Monterey.

 Does the earths magnetic field automaticlly flip camera images down under?   Because, it looks to me like you're driving on the wrong side of the road.
(Tried to post this text in the above post, but only the quote uploaded.  Where are those 14 yr olds when I need them??) ;)  :D
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