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Finally got the tires.... 345/35zr15's....

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OK, so I'm assuming you must have some sort of suspension stop or little to no actual travel in the rear? I'm assuming that you can get away with wheels sticking out like that in your state, eh? Not here on the west coast, you'd be pulled over daily. That aside, that is some serious meat!!

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Just testing them on the red car...suspension wise...it looks like I have a weak spring on the passengers rear side... but, I posted in the body forum that I got the flares from Japan...and a ton of other parts...and they might be all swapped over to the white Z that has a stiffer suspension. I decided not to change the fares on the red car....I got a set of 14x8's and 14x10's that should fill them out nicely. Or I'll get the sport max 002's and use the honda spacers I have. Besides...the red Z wouldn't have the power to turn the wheels...but the white Z does...and after I score a t3/t4 turbo and some SVO injectors...then it will really rock.


But so far...this project is killing my wallet...but once it's all together, cleaned up, Painted, tuned....then I'll have something that will be sweet...

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the fronts are 15x10, and the only tire I could find that was DOT legal, with decent grip, wide enough, and clear the car....plus I found 4 tires that filled all that. Plus something with a ZR rating. hehe.


so I found some Dunlop SP Sport 9000's, 245/35zr15's...X4... :) for $400. so two spares.. hehe

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I thought I had a wheel addiction! Man, you got me beat all to hell! Got any Wats you want to sell? Looking for 14 or 15X7s. See YA!





Actually, I do have some.


A full set of 14x6.5 Watanabe Type B's, 114.3 +15 offset with Azenis RT-215 on a pair, and RT-615 on the other pair. I only striped the factory paint off the fronts, looked at them, didn't see any problems, and just repainted them and used them as soon as I could get tires on them. Unbalanced and they roll very smooth...Keepers IMHO, but I need to clear out space, and they will fit my Z, but not after I upgrade the brakes...so I don't need them, anyways, they could use a good sandblasting when you wear out the current tires, plus the lip is painted now, but they did clean up great for a polished lip look. $800 OBO





A pair of 14x6.5 Watanabe RS-8's, 4x114.3 +18 offset with 205/60/R14 Yokohama ES-100's. Polishes up great, could use a paint stripping and repaint...your choice. $400 OBO..






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you can click on different pages of that gallery link...


here's a cool looking pic though...




I already took them off, to clean them up, polish them a little more and set them in the basement until I'm ready to mount them on the white Z I have, after I do up the bodywork and add the new flares...also on the last page or so of the gallery, a member here asked me to mount the 15x10s on the back...granted...the tire is tiny, but the wideness of the rim will fill out the current flare on the red Z...so I might just order two more 15x10, and some 15x8's...and get a full new set for that car...or go back to Japan for a week or two, and get another set of real Watanabes...:icon54:

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