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Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

What would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What would you prefer?

    • 17x9.5" -19 On all four corners (as the group buy has been)
    • 17x9" -13 Front and 17x9.5" -19 Rear even if it costs an extra $200 ($950 shipped)
    • 17x9" -13 Front and 17x9.5" -19 Rear at the same price ($750 shipped)

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That's a tough call.


Rudy, would you be able to show a picture(with your card board wheels) comparing the -13 and -19 in the front with a stock fender?


i'm sure if you could see how it fits on the car people would be much more clear on what exactly they want.


I cannot since that wheel has been junked a while ago. Basically the difference in the -13 9" and the -19 9.5" is merely on how far the wheel would protrude outwards, towards the fender. Essentially the backspacing is the same at 4.5", but the front spacing on the -13 provides an extra .5" of clearance. This might be nice where the tire mock up showed possible interference at the lower valance. If someone with Watanabes in 16x9 -13 up front could show a picture of their lower valance clearance, that would be very helpful in determining the ideal size.


In any case, this is a group buy, so the idea is going to be to make everyone happy. As of right now the 17x9.5" -19 is still a go on all four corners. The price is still $750 shipped, or $700 pick up for those who live around the Bay Area. The time from ordering to your door is 3-4 months (I checked with the rep. today). :)

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  Please re-read the rules to this site. Basic spelling and grammar are required when posting here.

I talked to Kim. We dont have to agree on a offset or even a bolt pattern. We just need 25 people interested in 17"X9.5" RB's. I'm down!!   Justin

Wait a minute. The 8.5" might fit with 225/45/17. But a 225mm tire width is the limit with stock suspension and body.

Posted Images

I posted this earlier for reference: (http://www.rs-watanabe.co.jp/matching/nissan.htm)

Backspacing turns out to be: (determined by me...please double check math/conversion)

Width (in) Offset(mm) Backspacing (in)

8.5j -6(mm) 4.013779528(in)

9j -13(mm) 3.988188976(in)

9.5j -19(mm) 4.001968504(in)


Man, can we get this going? (Sigh) Im thinking about ordering another set to get this moving.

Not quite right I have a set of 16x8.5 -6 and 16x9.5 -19 rs watanabes and I can confirm they have 4.5" backspace so the maths is more like


Width (in) Offset(mm) Backspacing (in)


8.5j -6(mm) 4.514(in)

9.5j -19(mm) 4.502(in)


This is because a rim is measured bead to bead not lip to lip. If you measure a rim lip to lip then the watanabes would be approx 16x9.5 -6 and 16x10.5 -19 but this is not how rims are measured so we don't say that.


And a 4.5" backspace will clear stock springs and spring perches hence the sizing that is recommended by rs watanabe.


Hope this clears this up abit - and this has been covered on a number of threads before - how to correctly calculate the BS of a rims given the manufactured method of meassuring rims (that is bead to bead)

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Hello, I have been corresponding with you for quite some time now. Finally we have the 25 group buyers (100 wheels) that you indicated would be required to make these wheels in:

Type: Rota RB

Diameter: 17â€

Width: 9.5â€

Offset: -19

Pattern: 4x114.3

Make sure you realize the offset is negative 19, not positive! In any case, attached is the list with the buyers email addresses. All of them have agreed to the $750 shipped price. I assume you will contact them and take all of their address and payment information down.

Earlier I asked about the option of doing 17x9†-13 4x114.3 for just the two front wheels. If that is still a possibility please let me know.

As for the wheel design, we like the way the 17x8.5†wheel looks. If you could keep exactly the same look and simply push the spokes and the mounting position in to whatever -19 is, that would be great. We do not want the spokes to become angled like they were when the Rota Grids went from high offset to the low offset. The spokes should keep the same angle they currently have in all the other RB’s. If you do not understand what I mean, please call me (Chris) at 510-915-5298.

Thanks again! If there is any issue contacting members of the list or if some “drop out†please let me know. Thank you very much.



It is sent! :-P

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So here’s a thought….lets all thank Chris and help him out a bit by buying his set of wheels...only $25 from each of us would do it. After all, he is college student with limited funds. Think about it…he has spent quite a lot of time and energy putting together a great deal for us. Rota is a well known and respected wheel manufacturer, 17x9.5 with the correct offset in 4x114.3 plus a killer style for cheap….is virtually impossible for us to find. All it would take is each of us paypal $25 or ? to Chris to buy his set of wheels!!! I think it’s the least we could do.


By the way I have not met Chris and he doesn’t know I’m making this suggestion.


I’ve already sent him my thanks:



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Can you confirm you have me on the list?



PM sent.




I have been thinking about this whole donation thing for quite some time now. Normally I really couldn't accept money from you guys. I did not create this group buy looking for any sort of profit or benefit. I greatly appreciate it though. I feel that if I do accept and something goes wrong (say the factory ends up taking 5 months or the wheels have some sort of unforseen fitment issue [unlikely]) I will feel terrible. If you do decide you want to donate, maybe it is best to wait until you recieve the wheels, after the entire transaction, to see if you like them and were pleased.


In the end it is really up to you guys if you want to donate or not and when to donate. I will accept donations, just thought you all should know where am coming from. In any case I am EXTREMELY appreciative of any donations and just the simple fact that you all actually wanted to go in on this group buy, because "Hey" I am getting some killer wheels too! For that I am thankful enough.


Thanks for jumping in on this group buy guys! I will make sure to stay on top of the rep. Additions list will be sent to him on Monday for those of you who asked to be added. :)

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Great! I got a reply from Kim (the rep). He requested that we start emailing him color choices. I will release his email address after he gets back to me about payment details, so please don't email just yet! I asked him to jot down your payment information now as I do believe it is in the best interest of the group buy that we do not have issues later down the line. He should still be billing only once they ship though, not immidiately. In any case, check out:




And start choosing wheel colors! There might be more available, some options (like polished lip vs. painted etc.), honestly I don't know. You may ask the rep when I drop the email here later today. :-D


PS. I am all over that Royal Gold with polished lip. Enough said. :)

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Okay. The Rota Rep's email address is:




He has requested that you all send him an email with your wheel color choice. Please mention that you are in the HybridZ group buy somewhere. It is also probably adviseable to let him know what wheel you are talking about. Here is what I sent:


Wheel: Rota RB

Size: 17” x 9.5”

Offset: -19

Pattern: 4x114.3


I am in the HybridZ group buy and would like my set of wheels in Royal Gold with polished lip please. Thank you!


I will also be emailing everyone on the group buy list to inform them that they should go ahead and contact the rep. Sorry if you recieve this information twice but the persons who do not frequent the forum must be informed. Happy color picking. :)

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Emailed RGM polished


I was wondering what the center hole size would be???


73mm is the numbew want right?


I shall ask in the 17x8.5 thread if the center fit.


EDIT: Seems like the Rota RB's in 17x8.5" are fitting just fine in this thread:




In either case, if someone knows the diameter of the 260/280z hub bores that would be great. I know the 240z is 73mm from searching, but I couldn't find if the 280z was the same.

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Yeah i really want to jump in, but i have a 280zx:( My current wheels (15x8 0et) are extremely close to the shock's body on the front wheels, im talking like millimeters. So i dont think the -19et will be enough to clear them on the front. I think i may have to try and get the 17x9" -13s. Im gonna remeasure everything just to make sure. Are there any S130 owners on the list?


A 17x9" -13 provides essentially the same back spacing as a 17x9.5" -19 as does a 15x8" 0. They all are the same. The difference will be in whether or not the lips are exactly 1/2" each side.

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I have a 280zx 2+2 sitting on tokico shocks and springs, are you saying that these things will clear? I know its kind of hard to determine without running some kind of trial fits, but i would love to have an answer before making a purchase. Here is a picture of how my car currently looks


I do not know what the S130 requires. Depending on how wide the wheel well is, the wheel will probably stick out the sides, maybe not. The wheel might clear the stock suspension, once again I don't know. Might try and search on the forums or just go out and measure to see if you have the clearances below at a radius of 17/2".


The 17x9.5" -19 should give approximately:


Back Spacing: 4.5"

Front Spacing: 6.0"


That is with .5" added to each side for lips.

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Any idea if these wheels are being made as we speak? I really want a set now..


They may or may not be. As best I understand the company needs to make a mold first then find space on the production line. I think they are coming from the Phillipeans as well, hence why it takes some time. :)

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Just gave him a call. The deal is that the mold should be made by the end of this month, production to start sometime in January, available in most likely around February/March. They are trying for a 17x9 front mold as well but for those who want that it may be around an additional month. There might be some slight hiccups though as when I called he seemed to have thought the offset was positive 19 and positive 13. I have been explicit in all of my emails that it is a minus offset, even mentioning it in words once or twice. So that might need to be cleared up, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal in the big scope. Does that help with the update. :)


After this offset thing gets cleared up I will ask you guys to contact Kim IF you want a 17x9 -13 for the front, which would most likely be more practical in my opinion and would undoubtedly be easier to fit.

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will these wheels fit with say tokico struts and springs with zg flares?


In all honesty I could not tell you. I can refer you to the earlier page in this thread where I have pictures of clearances using a mock up wheel and some basic dimensions. The backspacing for these wheels is 4.5" so measure using that distance from the hub. Here is the link to the earlier mention of sizing with pictures: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=123576&page=3


Read post #60




For the rest of you. I have been in contact with Rota. They have reopened the factory (was closed for holidays). The -19 vs +19 offset issue has been ironed out and they have let me know that "it will be ready soon". They also will be sending me a sample (I did not request it but am willing to see it naturally) before the -13 are presented as an option, but I have been assured that they are indeed an option. Hopefully the language barrier has made it clear enough that the -13 setup will be on a 9" width wheel, not the 9.5" wheel the -19 setup uses. Other than that I have no concerns. Everything seems to be going well. I shall be ontop of it. :)

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So start cutting the fenders :burnout:


I am using ZG Flares and the present set up will handle 245:45:16 race tires on 7 inch rims with 4.5 backspacing and lowered 1 1/2 inches with coil overs without rubbing. Get the tires and wheels mounted before you start cutting. Those flares can be moved up from their normal postion if necessary. Use duct tape to hold in place and mark postions. Finally, use the underneath side of the flare as a template for cutting the front but add at least 1/2 inch that will be hammered or bent up to make the fender stronger. I suggest using a jig saw with a fine metal tooth blade and please take your time. The rear needs to be pushed or hammered up. In Little Rock, AR there is a company that has a tool to enlarge fenders without hurting the paint or cutting so I assume you can find someone to do the job anywhere else. The back quarter panel is a stress area. Put the beer away until after you finished cutting. :burnout:

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I kinda wanna measure my 280ZX when i get back over that side of the bridge tonight....


I'm barely scrapping by right now as it is, but if I have the money in the near future, of if the price stays that same afterwards and they're actually availible, then I might look into getting a set. I personally think this is a really really good size choice. It's right in the sweet spot for tire selection. Kinda would like to know how much they're gonna weight though.


If your wanting to measure if they will fit or not my friend is running 15x10's centerline autodrags all the way around. Here are a few pics.



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so how is this buy going to would love a set of these in black for my Z31


its an n/a so the bolt pattern is right



are they making them in different offsets?


Not at the moment. The plan is just for 17x9.5" -19 and probably 17x9" -13. In the future if there is enough support than other offsets could be made... takes 5 group buyers to change an offset or a pattern from what I was told in this specific case.


I have just emailed Kim so we should have an update relatively soon.

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