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Project unnatural aspiration Part 2

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Well the red Z project has pretty much come to an end. BUT The RB26 Z drag car has not. I found a really nice chassis on racingjunk.com here are some initial pics of the car first couple are of the car at teh track with a V-8.



after that are pics of the car at my house during tear down. The engine compartment will basically get striped of all brackets and smoothed. Then my engine installed and all new brackets for the stuff for teh rb will be installed then the engine bay will get painted.



Its gpomg tp be slow going initially but by december i hope to have teh car running.



So here are some of the initial pics. the checkerboard paint will be replaced with the same red as my first car.








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Ok I have the motor hard mounted. Still need to fab up the mid plate mounts.



The motor is sitting as low and far back as it will go. The oil pan is the lowest thing on the car right now :icon8:


Just going thru summit and ordering weld bungs, fittings, and hose and just to plumb the radiator is going to cost almost 600 smackers!!!!


For those of you who are shopping around right now fro fittings summit racing brand fittings are the cheapest around. The -16 fittings are almost 10 dollars cheaper a piece then the earls and Aeroquip equivalent.


More pics to come once I get some of the plumbing done.

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Well figuring out how to put the puzzle together begins :>










between what i have and the stuff i ordered today should be able to get the radiator and fuel system plumbed. I'm going to pick up a horizontal band saw tomorro. it will speed the making of things ALOT!!!! hi speed ginder uses alot of wheels not to mention the near loss of several digits

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Well its official i sold the trailer i bought with the car today. So that makes the final deal for the car 7500 for the roller. Im knee deep in getting everything mounted and with what was left on my old car and getting this car spun up this was the better ( as in cheaper) way to go.

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Still not alot to see but from the pics above all the mounting tabs have been welded in, the motor is in it's final resting place and mounts welded up. next will be cutting steel braided line to the right length and installing fittings. Once everything is in place Its all coming back out and the engine compartment will get cleaned up and repainted. here are the pics.








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Well the radiator is plumbed now and some of the fuel system. Next is the oil cooler plumbing. Once that is done going to knock out the fuel system and tranny cooler. YEA



Hopin to have it running by teh end of october ( yea right) anyways here are some more uninteresting pics :>













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Update: oil cooler/filter relocator is plumbed


Gonna take a break and let all the holes in my hands heal up before i make any more hose :cuss::cry2:


The oil cooler lines will be clamped to the side of the radiator for anyone wondering







Next is the fuel system. Have to mount the new EFI pump/filter, mofify the tank with a return fitting and vent along with install a better sump. the -10 hose is allready run to the engine compartment all i have to do is run the return.

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Got some of the fuel system done tonight :>


All the fuel system needs is a -10 so I can hook up the distro block to the supply line, a -8 return hose routed from the FPR to the tank and a vent line installed in the tank. Next comes intercooler piping and a couple odds and ends for hardware and ladies this thing will be almost ready to start up.


















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