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Road and Track pit z06 vs. GTR vs. 911

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so it slams on the z06... but what happens when it goes up agenst a ZR1?



So the ZR-1 might accelerate and decelerate alot better than the Z06....


Look at the cornering speeds of all 3 cars. That's where the GT-R sets it self apart from the competition. Even if the ZR-1 is going to have dramatic changes from the Z06 I still think the GT-R will end up on top.


Plus we're still talking about a regular GT-R. Who is to say that Nissan wont come out with an enthusiest/ Nismo edition?

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What I don't get is how this 5 seconds a lap results in about 17.5 seconds over a ~7:30 race like the Nurburgring... So what, this car goes 7:25 around the ring with the others running 7:42? I know times can't be transfered like that, but I am just wondering here...


actually it translates quite well to me. On a 2 minute lap the GT-R gained 5 seconds on the other cars. Now, if it continues to gain distance, on a track that's 3 times longer, that would translate to about 15-17 seconds.

the only way it would only be 5 seconds total, is if after the GT-R gained 5 seconds, it suddenly slowed down to the pace of the other cars. I guess we can use this example. I'll round the numbers for simplicity

say, the GT-R does a 1:55 and the Vette does a 2:00

now, onto lap two they do the same times.



so the gt-r in 2 laps did 3 minutes 50 seconds. the vette did it in 4 minutes.

that makes the GT-R now 10 seconds ahead of the vette. After one more lap, if the lap times don't change, the GT-R will then be 15 seconds ahead of the vette.


So really the times translate perfectly.

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Don't forget chris - the ring has several higher speed areas that will kill the GTR's lead on comparable cars.


It's like how an evo can be faster than a lamborghini murcielago... as long as there's enough turns...


I'm not sure nissan needs much of a nismo edition, and if they do I don't think it should be very insane. This is the time for nissan to possible open the flood gates and design a real super car... and show those 300k+ supercars how it's done. But in reality that's just the 10 year old school boy in me. I'd never hope to even afford a car like that, I just really like seeing engineers raise the bar.


EDIT: After reading other boards, I'm laughing, but almost angry at the ignorance some people have.


Many people are blaming the difference on nissan underrating the power, while people on the same board sit there and talk about how the straight line speed comparison seems right on for the claimed power to weight.


I think they're probably underrated a little, but it's probably for consistancy concerns. I've never seen a force induced 300+ factory HP engine that puts out consistant results from car to car. Just break in differences can make a 5hp margin. There's no way nissan is gonna rate the car at 500hp and have people dyno at 425 asking for money because the car doesn't "reach claimed HP". Ford had this problem with the first 4.6L cobra, and has underrated their cobras since (though the first 93 was underrated as well but for different reasons).


I really want to see what tuners can do with the car though. I'm just hoping that everytime we see a well moded GTR shop car we don't see them degrading the suspension with some off the shelf stuff they're trying to sell.

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Nissan will be releasing the Evo version next year. Basically it will have a modest weight reduction of around 200 pounds and a bump in power to a "claimed" 550hp.


As for a "real" supercar. Nissan already did it. They built the R390 almost 10 years ago. Mid engine twin turbo V8 putting out 700hp. Twenty or so were built for racing, and one was built as a street car. For a mere $1m it could be yours.



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Hahaha, true enough.


I mean a real production supercar. And I understand the GTR does quality, but we all agree the GTR does not look and act the part. That's kinda it's nitche. It's a car that GOES like the fastest porsches, but is extremely roomy, comphy, well mannered, and easier to drive. Plus it'll fit two really really small people in back...


I mean supercar like you know... Mclaren, saleen S7, konignisehsegeghee, noble, etc.


If nissan added a good deal of height adjustment to thier current platform of the GTR, gave it more power, lighter body they could be well on their way to having what I'm talking about. (btw, the height adjustment comment was regarding the fact that most supercars sit ungoldy low to the ground and need automated height adjustment to be usable on the street)


Oh yea, I wanted to post this, just because it scares me:


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Such a show off john :D


BTW, I was really let down when I turned on the good ol' Gran Turismo 4 and took my 240Z to see if I could beat your time at sears point. It was too easy, showing how poorly inaccurate the game must be.


Unless you think that without class rulse you could gain another 5+ seconds with a NA L series still.

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