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Subaru EG33 + My car!

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This is a big project the more I look at it and take measurements. The width really is a tough one to get around. It basically makes you redo the frame rails, brake master cylinder, steering linkage, and TC rods. I'm still very much interested in this! I just need to get all the pieces lined up to pull this off as I don't want to start and give up half way through.


So far I have:


Wilwood reverse mount pedal assembly:



I'm going to high mount the steering rack and flip the tie rods so they go down into the steerers the the struts. This should straighten out the steering linkage and allow it to go over the top of the motor.


I'm going to move the TC rods forward like a 240sx.


I haven't figured out how I want to do the frame rails. I can widen their spacing, but then I lose tire clearance and turning radius.


One step at a time I guess. I need to yank the L28 out and start cutting :)



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"Shoehorn: Its whats for dinner!!"


"There were these things he had to do..."


"Fat guy in a little coat.... Faat Guuuy in a liit-tle Coo-oat......."


"Sitting to my right, the Jones family, 1, 3, and 5! To my left, the Robertsons, 2, 4, and 6!! Welcome to the Feud!!"


"Because it was there"


That picture just deserves words, and pondering.

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Find a way to put a porsche trans on it and throw it in the hatch... Last thing you want to do is have to pull the engine to change plugs/wires, etc... I've got a SF5 forester and I absolutely hate doing anything to it that involves the heads.


If you wanted to go that far, why even get a Porshe transaxle? Just plug up the output shaft of the Subaru's one and use the front diff to run the rear tires.

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