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Dyno tuning - with stock L28 ECU


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I contacted a local shop about dyno-tuning my 76 Z, they wanted to know what do people typically use for tuning on the older Z's? Anyone?


I've been searching and I see lot's of standalone options, I'm still not sure which one would be easiest/affordable. Using the stock ECU, what tuning software can be used? I looked at Nistune which sounded fairly simple and effective, but they said the 84 Z31 VG30E/ET was the first model digital ECU they were compatible with.


Any ideas/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Would be kinda cool to see a stock l28 dynoed and tuned through the afm.


I dynoed tuned my ghetto beast (crappy 280zx turbo) on the dyno with adjusting the afm. But it only ran great at full throttle and it changed afrs every day. Get a standalone and you will be much happier. Megasquirt with all extra parts can be done for $400.

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