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Snaped head in block.


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Okay well im running out of ideas i was working on my 83 280zx na and i snaped a bolt off in the block while trying to pull the water pump there is ruffly a half inch hanging out. Ive tried a stud puller with no luck ive also tried to cut a slit in it to see if i can get it out with a screw driver but no luck. Ive been hitting it with pb blaster every chance i get but nothing. I could drill it out but i really dont have enough room between the block and the condensor. Need help asap i dont know what else i can do.




here is a ruff idea how much room i have just no radiator


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Heat the area with a torch.




BTW, seafoam deep creep does work better than PB blaster. I suspect your dealing with corrosion from dissimilar metals.


sea foam deep ceep is as much better than PB, as PB is to WD 40. In other words, Deep Creep makes PB Blaster look like garbage.


Torch is also helpful, heat thestud OR the block around it, but work from one to the other. Don't heat the broken bolt and the area of the block evenly; heat DIFFERENCe is what makes the bolt free up.


good luck, this is a PITA any way you cut it. You MIGHT try grinding flat spots on it to grip better with a vise-grip; a small pipe wrench or (if you are *really good*) a pair of channel locks might just do it too.

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I got it today guys had a friend come by and we welded a nut to the stud and after tons of pb blaster and channel locks and a pry bar i got it out with out screwing the threads but that bolt was insanly long. So does anyone have one out local or know a hardware store that carries anything that long and pitch and stuff

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