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Got my cage all buttoned up, tell me what you think!

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Ouch. Cut it out and start over, or consider paying someone to do this job for you. Your pipe fitting skills look like they need work, and the welds are really not sufficient. Your welds also need to be all the way around every tube, which is part of what makes building a cage such a PITA. Your welds also look very bird poopy, makes me wonder if you're using a stick welder or something. When you have a plate like you do in the back next to the shock tower, connect to the shock tower, don't almost connect to it. You only need .100" thick plate. Looks like you used 1/4" or 3/8" there. I can't tell what kind of tube you're using, but I'd guess that it is wrong too.


I'm sorry to say it, but this one is a complete do over. Cut that thing up and practice practice practice before you start again.

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jmortensen is dead-on when he says building a cage is a PITA. I just finished upgrading my 6-pt to a 10-pt, with lots of help, and not sure I would want to do anything like that again. I did, however, discover something extremely useful in helping with one of the areas most amateur "cage-builders" struggle with, and that is the fish-mouthing necessary to neatly join 2 tubes together. For me it was even more critical since I have chromoly, requiring TIG welding.


Google "tube miter" and download the program. You plug in the tube diameter and wall thickness of the tube to be joined, the diameter of the tube it will be joined to and the angle at which they will be joined. It prints out a template that you cut out, wrap around the tube, scribe the tube, shape the tube and VOILA, it butts up perfectly if you did a neat job.


Hopefully someone finds it useful, not just for cages, but for joning tubes for anything. Just used it yesterday to join a 1.75" aluminum tube to a 3" aluminum tube for a BOV.

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