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SPAL Power Window Kit

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All this is cool but I think it might be going a little too far. :mrgreen:


Are yall referring to a particular kit that allows you to do this or thinking about retrofitting or making your own setup? Either way I think it will get pretty complicated, and may require a different motor and a few sensors. I know in my 350z you have to reset the motor travel each time you mess with it or the window. But it also has frameless doors and the windows moves a bit when you open and close the door i also rolls the windows down if you hold hte unlock button for a period as most new cars do. All this is controlled by the BCM.


The SPAL motor has no circuitry to stop the motor when you get to the top or bottom it tries to keep on going you have to just let off the button. I imagine a switch could be made that senses the change in amperage when the motor is stalled and cutts of a relay....or maybe this is already available?


Either way IMHO I think at that point especially with keyless entry you've got a system that will potentially cause a big headache down the road unless installed very well.

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Now what I'd like to do with mine (going back to the remote entry stuff), is install a security system like my Harley has. It comes with a key fob that must be within about 4 feet of the bike for it to start, or the fuel is completely cut off. I believe its a Delphi system. I think BMW has something similar to this in their cars now if I read correctly (albeit more refined). The closer my car gets to completion, at least from a driving standpoint, the more my paranoia grows...:?


Not to get off the topic of power windows though, heh heh... Just thinking of something that could go along with the remote.

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theres also this method, i have no idea who makes/made them, but they use modern power window motors hooked up to a set of gears, which connect to the original regulators, they are surprisingly quick and havent had a single problem yet.



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I went with the generic Chinese version off ebay from the vendor "alpha-bid". It turned out it was cheaper to buy the four window kit and split it with a friend than to buy two two window kits! The 4 window kit is $160, and the two window kit is $96. The only downside is that you get a 4 window switch pod and 3 single switch pods instead of a 2 switch pod and 1 single switch pod. However, I mounted my switches directly in the center console of my 240, so I didn't need the pods, and you also end up with extra switches for spares! Oh yeah, you do have to be comfortable with electrical work, because the wiring harness does have to be modified. But there's yards and yards of wire to work with.


My friend and I have both had our kits installed for about a year, and they've worked great so far. The motors are supposedly made in Japan, so they should be reliable. Also, there apparently is a built in clutch system so the motors don't stall when the windows reach the top and bottom. The caps that cover the hole in the door panel are pretty much flush, and blend in very nicely. I'm 6'7" tall, and I like the fact that my knee doesn't bash into the window crank any more.


I just have a few pics so far. I'll see if I can find some time to take more today...


Here's one of the 2 window kit:



Overall install in the door:



Closeup of window crank:



Closeup of motor mount:



Door panel cap:



Wire harness to door using rubber grommets and corrugated plastic wire loom (the wires don't get pinched in this location):



Switch location (I need to repaint the switch plate flat black):




'73 240ZT

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here is a real quick video of my spal install. It works great!

This video was shot at the end of the doors being open, and doing the complete install, wiring, and at about 1:00 am. The next day when I started the car, the windows move a bit faster.

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Wish I would have come across this thread before, I could have added to it in my usual way. As an ex-Car-Toys installer, I've used the SPAL kit over 30 times. 10 of which were in 240Z's. Here's a couple shots of the instal in my own Z. I also have done power door locks in almost all of those 240Z's as well. They go well together. I charge $160 for the kit with 2 switches and another $100 to install it. I should charge way more considering the pain in the a$$ it is to drill for wiring and such, but my loss is your gain, or something like that.


Here is an assortment of power window and lock instals on a few different S30's

no cap_thumb.JPG

flush window crank cap_thumb.JPG

drivers side switch in center console_thumb.JPG

motor strapped in near door handle motor down_thumb.JPG


DSC05020 (Medium)_thumb.JPG


dave Ps door with window switches no crank_thumb.JPG



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