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RB Rebuild


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Standard polyurethane car paint works, as well. A bit more involved,as you have to mix it and should use some flex to keep it less brittle, but it's pretty impervious to solvents, gasoline, oil, and what not.


Anything in a spray can will work, but my be more suseptible to chemicals, rust, etc.

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When mine ate the number one bearing and collapsed the filter, it sent bearing material throughout my motor.  I used a bunch of brake cleaner cans and hi pressure air. Just sprayed thru all the galleys in as many directions as I could find till nothing but clean brake cleaner came out then pushed 80PSI air thru everything. I think I went thru 2 cases of brake cleaner doing it this way. After that I had the block and head cleaned in one of those big ass engine block washer that was heated. came out spotless, and oil looked brand new after initial break-in.

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I loved reading through this thread, I know it's old but I wish the pictures were still working... Oh well, still very informative! I was absolutely sure I was going the ls route with my z until I found the RB section here... Now I think plans have changed, in part because of this thread and stony's "so you want to swap an rb" sticky. 

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Here is a link to where the article is hosted





Pix working again... ^_^


I let my hosting package lapse, and always forget that the pictures are hosted there...

Thank you guys so much for the link and fixing the pics! After exhaustive searching I've found the original post a few different times.

Short thread highjack:


I'm very stoked on an RB swap, and it seems like there's more JDM engine's available here stateside than in the past... Stony and cheftrd, what would be your opinions on a JDM engine with a compression test and startup warranty from the importer, as opposed to an expensive with almost price prohibitive rebuilt engine shipped form over seas for my Z? The idea would be to keep it mostly stock and just enjoy it for a time. Then do a rebuild, ecm, turbos and supporting equipment for some respectable but not ridiculous horsepower.

The problem I'm having is finding a shop near me that seems knowledgable, I know why that is, but it's a major hurtle for me. 


Any advise if you guys have time either here or pm would be very greatly appreciated!

Threadjack over.

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