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Call me ignant, but I was always under the impression the "purpose" of a splitter was to take advantage of the air that built up on/was blocked by an airdam- The idea being you put a platform (the spl

really like the looks of it, very cool with the side pipes.   I was looking at this universal splitter. Used on quite a few cars from the sounds of it. Someone was posting that they even g

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really like the looks of it, very cool with the side pipes.


I was looking at this universal splitter. Used on quite a few cars from the sounds of it. Someone was posting that they even got banned from using it. Looks like it could work with some minor modifications. I like the channels that are built into it similar to how @Heavy85 had his in page 3.











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Where's the link to purchase that?




Guy said its 235 euros, shipping would be about the same I suppose. Im still waiting on shipping, as he said it was only 35 euros locally (London). May hit up Ztrix and see if they can make something similar.

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Yes, that would be good if it fit, but the diffusers would make it illegal for lots of different racing categories, including mine (X Prepared). Another option is the NASCAR COT splitters. I bought one and it was too narrow for my car, but essentially it is just the front lip and a little more, probably 10 or 12" deep, then you could do your own diffusers on the backside if you wanted, or just run it back to the x member.


Just to update on my splitter, I found that the turnbuckles were too long even at the shortest setting, so now I'm thinking I'll make different length supports so that I can move the splitter down in 1/2" increments. Thinking of just pinching the ends of some -8 fuel line that I have and screwing that to the splitter and the dam.

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I've built (only in my head) an airdam that is mounted on drawer glides, with travel stops at the bottom, that would allow it to rise and fall as it skimmed along the ground. With maybe replaceable white plastic skid pads on the bottom.


The problem with my splitter was that, even dropping straight down off the front of the hood, and racing on a fairly smooth and level track, it kissed the ground several times. I think it has to do with the distance that the leading edge is in front of the wheels. Starting 3" off the ground, I never would have dreamed that it would kiss the ground, but it did. And it wasn't from downforce: when I cut the splitter/lip off, it STILL kissed the ground. And loading it on the trailer with it installed was a no-go. The 3" splitter I built was fine without supports to the airdam (the paint and resin showed no sign of flexing). I'm confident the scraping was due to suspension bump travel (possibly) aggravated by downforce. For next season I am doubling spring rate, putting the splitter back on, and trying again.




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I think the sliding air dam is a potentially dangerous idea. If it's doing its job and making a bunch of downforce and then it loses contact, or if it hits a bump in the road and fails (on one side even), you're going to have a real issue. I know it's apples and oranges, but as I recall one of the main reasons that ground effects was banned in F1 was their sliding fences which maintained contact with the ground failed, causing a sudden lack of downforce and big crashes. Still, if you're going 170 mph, your risk tolerance should be adjusted to match the new conditions. 

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