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One-way road trip


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So, I'm being paid to fly from Arizona to New Hampshire tomorrow to pick up a mostly restored '67 Camaro convertible and drive it the 2,700mi back here. I don't think I could be any more excited for this trip.


Gonna take my camera, will try to get some interesting pictures along the way.

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Thanks for the advice guys. Definitely will pick up an El Cheapo wrench set and a few other misc tools, along with spares.


Nope Jeff, still have the Z, though it's getting hard to drive in this heat. The Camaro isn't mine, I'm just collecting it.


Mike, can't respond to your PM 'cause I'm on my BlackBerry, but thanks for the offer, I put your number in my phone in case I have any problems up that way.

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Sean that's just awesome! colour me envious. If your traveling through San Antonio give me a call or send me a message.




Been running around all over the northeast. Currently in Rye, NY.


Nazareth, PA:


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Better Advice:

Make sure your auto insurance policy covers you in case something happens, and make sure the AAA Ultimate Towing Option is currently in force for whatever may happen.


Broke is broke. El Cheapo Wrench Set won't save you from anything that you should notice in the first 30 minutes of driving the car and fix then and there before heading cross coutnry. If it breaks, it's broken hard and you will need to be TOWED to the parts.


A 150 mile tow isn't a cheap prospect. Plan your route accordingly.

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