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Nelsonian 240z

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Guess it's been quite awhile since any updates so here's what's been progressing with the rebuild. Sadly no major body work has occurred for the last year plus, as Stuart (body/paint guy) has been busy with other prior obligations. This down-time however, has afforded me with the option to square away financial obligations and to scratch off and pick up many parts from the "to get" list. The most current body work done (4 weeks ago) was to make the new Zedd findings rear lower panel fit the curvature of the car. After all the effort to cut and weld in the junk yard repair pieces, it was determined that the new panel was the way to go. A little more effort is in order to finish the rear panel and the focus will move to the engine bay/front, with adding tube bracing from frame rails to shock towers, to the firewall. I will also have a tube added to stiffen the outer portion of the wheel house, all very similar to the previously posted photos. I have been on the fence with committing to venting the high pressure zone and using the Hyundai finned vents. I finally decided to go forth with it and dimple die cut the inner rear fender area for air extraction. The vents will be blended into the fender to look as if intended from the factory, and a tube or tunnel will reside form the cut holes to the inside of the vents.


I have recently purchased the group buy Rota 17" x 9/9.5", Royal Hyper Black, staggered set of rims with intentions of running a 275 rear tire. I have not started researching the tire options yet, as the funds have diminished rather quickly with the current spending spree.  I wasn't sure if the subtle z flared kit would allow that size rear tire, so I picked up a rear set of MSA smooth ZG flares. I just quickly taped them on to the car and took some pics to get a quick visual. The position of them on the car is not set in stone. If I do go this route of blending them to the subtle z rears, I will add fiberglass from the lower dog leg portion to fill in what is visually missing and block a little bit more of the air hitting the front of the tire. The rear portion will blended in as well to keep with the visual continuity. I also picked up the Arizona Z car R200 mustache bar and uprights. I cleaned up most of the small knicks and machining marks with scotch bright and had these anodized in clear. I also purchased custom rear parking brake mounts for Wilwood p brake from TimO  and had them anodized red along with re anodizing the AZC hubs. I used a local company Anocote Metal Finishing Inc, in Mira Mar for the anodizing and am happy with the results. I ended up scrapping my plans to use the Australian Holden Falcon repro door mirrors from Rare Spares. I ended up going with repro Porsche 993, aero door mirrors from another local company Better Bodies Motorsports in Otay Mesa. These are fiberglass and not only have a clean sweeping profile, but will provide a much larger glass panel which will help with the flared rear end of the body.


Lastly, for the past 5-6 weeks of spare time, I have been rebuilding and customizing my dash to accept new Subaru BRZ vents. I came to the realization that It was going to be cost preventative to continue with the planned 240sx dash swap. I really, really wanted to try and use the Porsche 996/ boxster gauge cluster in the 240sx dash, but found out the Porsche gauges are controlled by wheel sensors and a dedicated computer, which = out of my budget. I used the well documented route with SEM bumper repair syringes and am happy with the outcome using this product. I firstly had the dash frame blasted, primed and painted by Bob Rector the blaster, using quality PPG paint. I then beveled the small cracks and filled in with the bumper repair. This stuff sands very nicely. After getting used to the product, and having fun actually doing something again for myself, I decided to build up sides for the BRZ vents, and filling in the cigarette lighter and hazard toggle to create a boost gauge pocket. I had some Autometer angled cups and cut them in half to slightly give a canted angle to the driver for the boost gauge. This will be changed in the future with a piece of aluminum machined pocket that allows the gauge to sit into it, in a similar fashion to the stock provision above it. When the dash is found to be sanded and smoothed enough to the upholsterers liking, it will receive black alcantara with French seem stitching, as inspired by Rovdriver's incredible dash.


Since I eliminated the cigarette lighter and hazard toggle, and needed a spot for one more gauge, I had to make a custom center console fuse panel. I sourced a series 1 fuse panel - ashtray thinking this would solve my problems, but quickly found out it was longer and more narrow than my 73' console. I patched up all small cracks as well as filled in the choke lever slot and cut out a slot for the Spal electric window switches. I over cut the window switch slot and after speaking with the upholsterer, will cut out a square panel from aluminum to fit the over sized hole. I'm thinking about moving the cigarette lighter to the passenger side up forward on the console. I plan to have the center console wrapped in alcantara just like the dash. 


The last purchase I am eagerly awaiting on was the custom Senza Pari intake manifold that I had him port out. Well lots of work still left to do on this build, but making some slow progress.

Here are some relevant pictures to go with all the jibber jabber above.        






















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Good to see things are progressing :wink:


Those mirrors look the part, nice pick, and that dash looks a lot more organic with the mods to the vents, should look great once its all trimmed up.


Wish I was closer, like 16K miles closer, would be happy to do the welding on your centre console with that small error you made, but all in all, impressive :wink:





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Casey sent those pics of the manifold and patched up two small holes before sending it out. I am very pleased with dealing with Casey (Senza Pari). I originally sent in a non webbed, smoothed, manifold that I had someone local do the porting on, but it was determined by Casey that the runners were way to thin like tin, and bent way out of shape to bolt up. I had to scramble to find another webbed intake to get out to him. Though this was another costly lesson for me, it was something to learn from in this ongoing education as I see it. That's one bit of advise from my father (a professor of 50 years at NCSU), that sticks with me, never stop learning.


I'm trying to keep a black and brushed aluminum theme consistently flowing in the cabin. Will be using silver Autometer Pro Comp, ultralites, Momo Race steering wheel, Momo air race shift knob, etc...

I still have some smoothing to do on the new mounds and then focus will shift to the ignition clam shell. I have purchased some Chavant Y2-Klay from Fibreglast.com  (http://www.fibreglast.com/product/chavant-y2-klay-industrial-design-clay-1122/clay). I want to create a mold of a single gauge pod on the top section of the clamshell, then fiberglass it to the top. I still need to get the angles correct with my new adjustable profile gauges I recently picked up from EastwoodAuto, (http://www.eastwood.com/adjustable-profile-gauges-5-10-15-inch.html). Looking forward to doing some clay modeling.

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It's been awhile since the last update so here's whats been going on with the build. 

Body work wise, I have decided to nix the fender vents and am debating using the current hood with naca duct integrated due to engine change and work still needed to finish it, or a 280z hood. not much else has been done to the body as it rests in the garage waiting. I was at a stand still with the rear flares until I had the tires for the wheels to get an accurate width /height to form the plan of attack on that. If the subtle z rear wheel flares are too small, I have the smooth zg style to blend in. I finally got a set of Michelin Pilot sport ps2 in 265/40r/ 17" for the rear Rota's.  


The biggest change has been the engine choices which changed from the L28ET to a 2JZGTE with an Spec dual disc clutch. I scored a barely broken in (1700 mile) Marlin Crawler billet internal built R154 5spd transmission off of ebay with the Spec dual disc clutch and super light flywheel for a very good price. I then bought a low mileage 2jzgte from an Aristo at www.jdmenginepro.com  for a very reasonable price. It was brought to my mechanic friend Mark Brent who has gone through it and given it thumbs up. Next thing was to get all the parts to have a fresh even start and eliminate some of the known failure prone parts on this engine.


I bought Titan motorsports ported oem oil pump and adjustable cam gears, Powerhouse Racing's modified timing belt tensioner bracket and modified timing gear and billet pulleys,  Power enterprise kevlar timing belt, ARP head studs, new oem head gasket, o-rings,cam/main seals, crank pulley, water pump and re manufactured Denso starter, NGK irridium plugs and new bolt packages.

I am shooting for somewhere between 450 + rwhp and planned on using E-85 fuel as opposed to the garbage 91 octane that is here in California. I then purchased Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors, Fore F-10 stainless steel fuel filter and Full function Engineering top feed fuel rail all from Real Street performance.

The next purchase will be Haltech PS2000 ecu and  Wiring Specialties custom harness and then I will have to save for the rest.












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Seems I skipped over adding another batch of body modifications that I had done by Tho Chung of Time Machine Racecraft prior to all the recent engine changes or it was eliminated with the server crash.

I sent the car back to Tho and had him weld in chromoly tubing in the engine bay from the front frame rail to the shock tower to the firewall in order to combat flex in preparation for a nice engine upgrade. I also had him hard mount the Zraceproducts gas shock set up for the hood as opposed to the sandwich style it came as and fill in the "c pillar" holes.

I had Tho mill out a beveled plate for the Spal electric window buttons from a block of aluminum, as well as create new angled trim rings and build a new fuse panel for gauges. My plans are to have the now rebuilt and custom dash/ center console wrapped in alcantara micro suede. Last two pics show my inspiration for the alcantara wrapped dash and center console.  

















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Well it's been awhile since I had anything to add to this build, but managed to get a few more items from the long list of parts to get. I had to move my car from the body/paint guy's garage for a few months to allow him to finish up some small projects he had committed to long before I brought my car over. So back into my storage only garage the car went some two and a half months ago. Hopefully I will be bringing it back around the beginning of the new year. I managed to acquire the custom Wiring Specialties harness as well as the Haltech PS2000 and can't wait to eventually get the engine and harness into the car. Yury at Wiring Specialties was super informative as well as responsive to all my questions and made the purchase super smooth, very pleased with their services.  

I also bought the Works Bell steering wheel quick release here from member Theatriks which will give me one more way to slow down a would be thief. I then managed to score a super clean and straight '77 vented hood locally. Since I sold the L28ET and the 2JZGTE has the turbo on the passenger side, I  will be changing out the custom vented hood I had been working on for the new '77 vented one. Had I not gone 2J and kept the L28et, I was about to weld in the passenger side duct with beveled metal framework around it to complete the smooth "factory like look". I am patiently awaiting for the Dapper Lighting rear led V1 option to become available, and looking at buying a set of 264* cams from either BCrower, Kelford or HKS and springs and retainers. I am also lusting after the recently released Volk TE37v SL wheels in 17" with offsets to work on our cars as seen on the Fugu Z. Don't know if I could custom fit the subtle Z kit to accommodate these much less if 17 x 9.5" would fit up front without rubbing the inner frame at full lock, then there is the cost of these. Most of the other parts to get are big ticket items for my wallet so this build will just have to crawl along at it's current snails pace so I can save up for them. That's about it for now though. Pics included.














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You know, just trying to make goals for you. 


Yeah, maybe I'll pass at $600 a piece with a guess as to whether they'll fit in the front. Shame there's not more options.

I have them (TE37s) on my ride.  It took 4 months to get and was $3800.00  17x9 in front and 17x11 in rear.  I don't recall the exact offset we went with.  Beautiful lite wheels though.

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I have them (TE37s) on my ride.  It took 4 months to get and was $3800.00  17x9 in front and 17x11 in rear.  I don't recall the exact offset we went with.  Beautiful lite wheels though.

I must see these, please attach a pic or two here. What size and make of tire are you running in the front?

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It has been a loooong time since I had much to update on, but finally some new occurrences seem worthy of mentioning. Today was a very good day as two boxes full of Volk TE37 V  wheels finally made their way to me. I was originally told by the local Rays wheels dealer ACG Automotive, that they would only take one month as both staggered sizes were in stock way back on  August 12 when I made the initial purchase. Fast forward to today after two other bs predictions as to when I could finally go pick them up. Still waiting on some red spoke stickers from the SL model, but Needless to say I am super stoked!!  I have been constantly viewing Z-Ya's photos (included) of his "subtle z fronts and YZ" rears on his car as well as other rear YZ cars and am almost committed to cutting out my rear subtle z panels and upsizing with the YZ option. Once again I have done modifications only to re modify after the fact, but I really love the aggressive hips on those as it reminds me of older Porsches. I would like to run the widest high performance street tire I can stuff on a 10" wide rim with out it completely swallowing the rim to fill out the YZ space as best as possible.

I ended up getting new components, front hubs, hats from Arizona Z Car to convert from 4 to 5 lug.


I sold off my new, unused Rota RB's to another member here as I had finally decided on converting to 5 lug for more wheel options. I also sold off my great condition R200 clsd and new clutch packs to a local Hybridz member with a beautiful red 240Z on CCW's. I ended up scoring a professionally installed, OS Giken 2 way clsd set up as a 1.5 way, R200 diff for a good price and localy. It has been cleaned, painted and new parts installed and never run. I saved my finned cover that I had powder coated in a wheel silver for this. I am however strongly watching and pondering the Ford 8.8 IRS option closely as my power goals have risen recently.

I also just recently purchased the front Rocket Bunny fiberglass bumper from Greddy.com, but won't receive it until late January or early Febuary. I really like the pointed wedge shape of it and now I wont have to modify my series one front bumper and have it re-chromed.    


Future plans may include having the Rocket bunny bumper plastic chromed through vendor Vintage chrome on here. I may be selling my Marlin Crawler, fully built  R154 5spd trans, Spec twin disc clutch and sourcing a Nissan CD009 6 spd and going with either Maverick or Collins adaptor to match up to the 2JZ. Not 100% sure this is the route I will take as I already have those parts marked off the "to get list", but thinking it through currently.

I also need to turn focus back to the 2J and finish up sourcing the HKS 264* cams and Ferrea valves, guides, springs etc... Debating on stock size valves or 1mm oversize. My engine has been sitting at my engine guys house for the longest time and I would like to get the top end taken care of and reassemble the engine with all the other parts I have for it. I would also like to bring the car back to Tho Chung at Time Machine Racecraft to finish the front firewall stich welding and then focus on the rear areas that would benefit to complete the chassis stiffening. So many things to do and get and so little dollar to stretch which is most of the reason it seems like a never ending project.


On a non Datsun related topic, we have an biannual carne asada cookout at work with the summer one containing a bring what you got car show. Here are a few bad ass low riders that have a ton of details and intense paint as well. I love just about all things automobiles, Japanese, European, Murica, exoticcs, 4x4's rat rods and so on.


That's about it for now until I can raise some more funds to take care of the mentioned plans.
















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Today was a good day as a new box from Z1 Motorsports showed up with a new CD009 6 speed trans in it. Put some thought into it and decided to go with the Nissan 6 spd over the Toyota box. Now to look into short shifters and a re locator or cutting and welding the original. Time to sell the built R154 and Spec twin disc clutch/flywheel combo. 



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No problem. After looking at all the regular places, local Craigslist, Ebay etc... and finding first series, garbage 350Z versions improperly labeled as Cd009's and even a very few legitimate used CD009's with a steep asking price and a long distance away for shipping, I decided to spend a little more for a brand new one. I purchased it new through Z1 Motorsports in Georgia and had it shipped to my place of work saving $50 on the shipping for a total of $1900. Company was very easy to work with, answered all of my questions and sent it out in a timely fashion. Eventually the next move will be to either cut and weld the shifter arm bracket to appropriate placement or look into Hokes nicely made re-locator and finally get a short shifter arm. 



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Anybody recall seeing a picture of a gusset that ties the hub and shock tower?  Keep them from flexing?  I thought you had one Nelsonian.  Can't seem to find.

Just getting around to seeing that question. Did you ever find the pics you were searching for ?


Small update as I have been patiently awaiting my front fiberglass Rocket Bunny bumper that I purchased through Greddy Performance back in the beginning of November. I was  happy with anticipation as I unwrapped it from the bubble wrap last Tuesday. That was until I completely removed it and held it in the light to see just how unfinished the end caps were with what appeared to be missing material in some spots and non sanded areas in others. I first thought it must have been damaged on route from Japan to Greddy, but have decided it must be the process of adding the end caps last and not putting much effort into smoothing. Either way it is the most unfinished fiberglass piece I have ever bought out of a full Subtle Z kit, Jim Cook racing rear low profile spoiler, three piece IMSA spoiler and lastly a MSA BRE style spoiler. I sent an email with pics to Greddy on the following day with no response, so I called the next day. I was told that they receive so many spam emails to that address so I tried the direct address from my invoice with again no response on their part. I took a chance on this bumper fitting up with the front Subtle Z from Ztrix.com, and will have to fill in some areas to get proper gaps all around. I really like how the pointed wedge shape of the bumper hints at the G-nose look.


The only other thing I have been working on was getting some Volk wheels spoke stickers in red as I had seen on the FuguZ car. I ordered some 17" red stickers from the TE37 SL model only to find out they were too long for my TE37 V models due to the stepped lips on the V's. After some more research I discovered the FuguZ was using a 2015 limited edition model (Te37 VSL). I had the company ACG automotive whom I purchased the wheels from contact Mackin Industries to see if any were still available for purchasing. None were left and the helpful suggestion and actions of ACG's sales staff, (Emily Taylor) helped me with having some identical stickers made by neighboring company Zero Paint for much less than the original Volk stickers.


I plan to fill in the excess indention's of where the Subtle Z fenders and lower air dam meet at side profile. I will also add more fiberglass to the inner area of the bumper where it curves on the ends to keep an even gap. Pics of the bumper and wrong size spoke stickers included.


Counting down the days until Feb 23 as I have an 11 day surf trip planned to Costa Rica , so car progress will slow as a result due to low funds.  













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Just a little bit of a progress update with rectifying the first Rocket Bunny front bumper that was in dire need of finishing. I received an email from Greddy stating another bumper was on it's way on Feb 22 the day before I was to leave for Costa Rica. Not sure what was the deal as no one from Greddy had gotten in contact with me prior to this odd email.


I went on my trip and saw big iguanas, Capuchin and spider monkeys, parrots, heard howler monkeys as well as a big toucan in one jungle house we rented down the southern end of CR at Pavoni's just above Panama. Stayed on the North Pacific side at Camaronal, then Pavoni's down south and finished off the trip at Playa Hermosa with every spot delivering good quality surf.


So coming back home I see no box had been delivered and called once again to Greddy to explain my situation with the messed up bumper. I finally got a hold of Greddy and with the help of Mike in sales sent my pictures to TRA Pandem in Japan to which they made me a new bumper and sent it for free to my business address. I just picked it up from Fedex today and upon inspection was happy to see a more finished piece. I was told by Mike on Friday that they were rushing to get it done and sent out to me so there is the smallest amount of sanding needed on the middle line of the front facing wedge which is no big deal at all. I am happy with Mike from Greddy helping me rectify this and keeping up good communication after we established my problems. So now I have the original one that I will add fiberglass in the low spots and sand then paint black and put up for sale. That's about it for the current new parts, but am working on getting HKS 264* cams and all Ferrea valve train for the next items to mark off the "to get list". 











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Yeah, one of the few times it all worked out. On a non Z related note. A short while ago my father had been cleaning out his garage in NC and sent me this new, unused Moto Meter in all it's original box with literature that my grandfather had packed in his garage of auto goodies from many, many years ago. He was a mechanic for Buick and had a 1920 Buick which I wonder if this part was intended for. Thought it was cool and a nice reminder of my Grandpa none the less.




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Well today was a good day as almost the last box delivered today brought me so much closer to completing my engine refresh/upgrade. Earlier this month I placed an order with Dusty at MVP Motorsports in Bridgeport, Texas for a set of GSC Power Division S1 269* cams and all new Brian Crower valve train. I contacted about five of the most prominent JZ parts suppliers to ask opinions and preferences for all these parts. It was a great experience dealing with MVP and Dusty in particular as he did not try to sway me to any one brand as some of the other JZ parts suppliers did which I somewhat expected of some of them. It came down to Kelford or GSC and I chose the GSC for the cams. It was nice to buy online without having to pay CA tax and also pickup in person from Brian Crower as they are very close to me, so also saved on no shipping fees. The only thing I'm in need of now are OEM Toyota valve seats and my ARP rod bolts and main studs. I went with BC +1 mm oversize ss valves and single springs with titanium retainers. Going to have the head lightly ported to improve flow.


I later called back to MVP and also placed an order for ACL main and rod bearings and thrust washers to round out the bottom end. I still plan on using the stock crank , rods and pistons after having them inspected and cleaned. The other parts I am waiting to pick up are the group buy in from member (Woza01) for rear caliper bracket to accommodate Wilwood MC4 parking brakes calipers, (Which I still need to get). I am having my set of brackets powder coated in the closest shade of red to somewhat match the Arizona Z anodized pieces. Won't get those back until this Friday at the earliest.


I also met with Stuart the body and paint guy in regards to my fg front Rocket Bunny bumper and we decided to use the first one sent and I will end up selling the remade second one as opposed to original plan. I have also been coming back to my original idea of fender venting and am still pondering my initial plan to use the Hyundai gills or go with a current BMW X5 inspired single vent closer to the front wheel well. I hate having OCD  and bound by details so much all the time.


That's about all for now as I still need to finish paying for all this crap and start saving for the next items.  

Pics of mentioned topics included.  The last four are of conceptual ideas for venting, but by no means permanently set to size or placement....  















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Finally received the rest of my engine parts, consisting of  ARP rod bolts and main studs and OEM Toyota washer plates to complete my order. The only two items left to build the whole engine would be to get forged rods and pistons. Don't think my power goals necessarily demand this as well as my wallet telling me that I can't afford them.   


I also got my Wilwood custom rear MC4  parking brake caliper mount back from the powder coaters. I had it done in the closest red color to the existing aluminum anodized red brackets from AZC. Not a complete match but it will do. I still have to lightly paint the areas which I had taped off as not to build up the powder coating on them. I also will need to get the MC4 calipers, but in no rush on them for now.






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