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Heads up on Tabco pricing


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Just an fyi for anyone condidering sheet metal parts.

I just ordered an outer wheel well housing from Tabco in Ohio,and the web page price was $79+ but it turns out that was the 2003 price.

the new price is $126+ Still cheaper than Black Dragon. They said they would update the web, but didn't sound to enthusiastic.

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Threaten to turn them in to an interstate commerce regulating body for bait-n-switch.

Many states have laws regarding posted prices versus what 'scans' at the register.


If enough people MAKE them honor their pricing through threatend reporting to regulatory officials, perhaps they will be a little more proactive on updating pricing, or make a more prominent CALL FOR LATEST PRICING disclaimer on each page.


Don't know until you try, what's the worst they can do, charge you what they were going to charge you anyway?

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Same experience I had months ago. What a way to run a company. Maybe that's why their panels are sh%t too. Their QC department is asleep at the wheel also.

Agreed. I got some lower rear quarters from them a while ago, and when compared with the car, the compound curve/corner of the car that it replaces is COMPLETELY off. I don't see it taking any less than a shitload of effort to make that piece right for even a professional. I think it'd be better to just start from scratch if you know what you're doing...


The rocker and doglegs were a decent match though, at least as far as I can tell.

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