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I knew I had an issue with my fiberglass hood mounting flange (where it bolts to the hinge) hitting the cold air intake. The mounting flange is super thick in comparison to the stock hood and it hits the intake. Some say why not redo the cold air intake but I just like the way it came out so that's not an option for me. I have been trying to come up with solutions and still use the same hood since I like the scoop. The scoop is not massive plus I don't see this type of hood on a lot of S30's which is a big plus for me. Nothing worse than hearing, I know someone that has one just like it after you spend tons of money trying to make your car unique. 


So I decided to purchase an used stock steel hood and have it modified to look just like the fiberglass hood. This is the progress so far. 








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After looking for months for Inner Fender Liners I was able to find a complete set. However they were cracked in multiple places and some of the mounting holes were 2 sizes too big due to damage. That seems to be the norm with these parts since they are old and brittle. Finding a complete set it's a task all on its own. Finding a perfect set it's just about impossible. 


I found a place that has a plastic welder and sent them the parts. They had a hard time welding the plastic but were able to get the job done and you can't see where they welded these parts. Now to finish to body work on this car and repaint it so I can get it on the road sometime this millennium. 

Front Fender Liners-2.jpg

Front Fender Liners.jpg

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Finally my car has paint again and this time the body work is done right. All that's left to do now is wetsand, buff the car and assembly. If you are in Texas DO NOT take your car to Richey Collision for any work. They were known to do great custom body work but after what they did to my car I would not spend a dime there. 

New Paint Job 2.jpg

New Piant Job.jpg

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