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  1. Zcardepot sells the brackets to use Maxima calipers. https://zcardepot.com/all-products/brakes/rear-brakes/rear-disc-brake-caliper-conversion-bracket-set-disk
  2. Neverdone

    Chevy 90 degree V6

    where are you going to mount the brake booster and clutch master cylinder?
  3. Neverdone

    Drivetrain swap talk

    The shortnose R200 is also found in 1990-95 Infiniti Q45's, Infiniti J30's, and Nissan 240sx's. In those there are variations on output shafts, gearing, and if it came with an LSD or not.
  4. Neverdone

    280z 302 sbf swap

    The R230 for the most part comes out of a Z32 300zx turbo. You can also get the R200 out of a 89-95 Q45 which also comes with an LSD. Mounting them has always been a bit of an issue as they are shaped vastly different than the longnose R200 or stock R180. There are some options currently out there, and they are well built, but they aren't cheap. But nothing that's really good usually ever is.
  5. Neverdone

    240z retrostat removal

    You sure it's the Rheostat that's blown, and not a fuse? Also, try turning it all the way to one direction, and then all the way to the other a few times. Your connections could have corrosion on them. Sweeping through the full range could clean them.
  6. Neverdone

    Z31 454 engine

    Maybe, other V8's have fit.
  7. Neverdone

    My Carbon Fibre 280z!

    A thought to consider. Singer, a car modifier who creates some of wildest 911's out there, remove all of the exterior body panels that are made of steel and replace them with carbon fiber...EXCEPT for the doors. Their cars are well into the 6 figures, so it's not like they just didn't get around to it. I do not know the reason for them not do it. It could be a safety thing, or possibly a legal issue, But even they don't. Personally, I wouldn't. There's a lot of other areas to lose weight on the car if that's what you're after.
  8. Neverdone

    Failed Emissions

    This is the sticker he's talking about. It's on the underside of the hood. If your car doesn't have one, you can literally by one from MSA for 25 dollars.
  9. Got any pictures of what you have now?
  10. Neverdone

    L-series 6-speed Transmission Conversions

    If he doesn't get back to you, you may want to look into this https://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/store/l-series-6spd-transmission-adapter-03-06-vq35de
  11. Neverdone

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    You think about running a triangular gusset onto from the box portion of your mount to the flat portion of your mount? Right now you can get a decent amount of flex laterally on that bend of the angle iron you used. Boxing that in would prevent a possibly very catastrophic failure. Maybe you're ok, but I'm always more of the mindset of, the only way to do it is to overdo it.
  12. Neverdone

    Tim's 302Z

    God damn Tim...your necromancy skills are on point because that Z was well beyond "not worth saving". Next time you want to restore a car, let me know and I'll trailer you one down from the west coast.
  13. Neverdone

    1972 240z Price Check?

    https://zcardepot.com/all-products/exterior/sheet-metal?car_model=974 Just add angle grinder and welder and you're good as new!
  14. Neverdone

    1972 240z Price Check?

    Does it run? If it doesn't run, I would assume almost everything else doesn't work on it either. Would this be cheaper than just fixing the sheet metal on your current car?
  15. Anything is possible with a drill, angle grinder, and a welder.