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  1. LS376/480 4L70E HELP!!!

    Check craigslist or http://www.car-part.com for used engines. Your rear diff won't explode with that kinda torque. Just run it. Get better shocks and springs though. Buy the Futo fab CV axle kit if you're worried about the stock axles.
  2. Heat soaked

    How do you know the fuel is becoming too hot?
  3. 1971 240Z L28 - Datsun Z Garage

    With the way prices have been going for S30's lately, that's a really good deal for someone. You going into a new type of car, or just no projects for a while?
  4. I've noticed the same issue, and I'm not sure why it's happening.
  5. It sounds like you need better insulation, not a different car.
  6. Is "get both" an option? An S30, especially a modified one, doesn't seem like the best daily driver. But for a weekend car, which car are you going to look forward to driving more?
  7. Sound Deadening Material For Floor

    How much of that did you use? Did you cover the whole car? (floor, roof, doors, firewall,etc)
  8. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    You're better off swapping that drivetrain in a Karman Ghia or some sort of other VW product. There are actual kits out there for those with a decent amount of info on what to do. https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/d/1969-karmann-ghia-huge-price/6229001736.html That car could REALLY use that WRX drivetrain.
  9. Sound Deadening Material For Floor

    Is there any noticable glue/rubbery smell from it? That Noico stuff is definitely the cheapest by far, I'm just wondering what the drawbacks are.
  10. looking for s30

    For 7 to 8k you're gonna get a non-running/barely running unrestored project. The best you can hope for is someone trying to offload a 95% complete project like this guy https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/d/1973-datsun-240z/6240225676.html Also, with that budget, you're gonna have to factor in a plane ticket over to the West coast and fuel for the drive back. "Rust free" and "S30" don't exactly exist on the east coast.
  11. Who's s30 with Carbon Fiber Hood Louvers ??? (PIC)

    With all the carbon on your car, you should Vinyl wrap the rest of your car to look the same. If you need any other bad ideas, I'll be here all night
  12. Porsche atlas grey vs meteor grey

    I think there's one guy on here that knows of his whereabouts. Send a message to [email protected] He'll probably know.
  13. Porsche atlas grey vs meteor grey

    That's Mark Rolston's 240z.
  14. Affordable ITB's anyone.

    I might be confusing a very important thing here, but how is this different than just buying two sets of Triumph Daytona 955i throttle bodies? http://www.ebay.com/itm/02-06-Triumph-Daytona-955I-throttle-Bodies-w-Injector-Rail-Fuel-Lines-/372003554885?hash=item569d23c645:g:VZQAAOSw7GRZCkiG&vxp=mtr You still need to make an adaptor plate, you still need the software to run the injectors. Again, I'm probably missing something very important here, but it seems like you'd be spending $1000 extra for not much.
  15. Wolfe V500 Dash

    if hes still lurking around, send a message to RTz.