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  1. Neverdone

    1978 Datsun 280z Project-OREGON

    If you're considering parting it out, I'd be interested in the radiator, front windshield, and those caster arms.
  2. Neverdone

    Z car garage brakes

    To not upgrade the master cylinder, means you're pushing the same amount of fluid, which means you're not pushing a larger caliper cylinder, which means you're not running a larger caliper. The only way an "upgrade" could do this, would be changing out your brake pads, and possibly rotors with holes drilled in them. Doesn't sound like much of an upgrade.
  3. Neverdone

    5 Lug Wheel Options

    What is the lug offset? 5x100? 5x114.3? 5x120?
  4. Neverdone

    Datsun s30 3 Piece Spoiler for 240z 260z 280z

    How much are you selling the BRE and 432 spoilers for?
  5. Neverdone

    Brake Line Locks

    Are you trying to use it as a temporary means to have a parking brake, or do you just wanna do burnouts? If you're trying to use it as a parking brake, just know that if pressure is able to get through the linelock (which they have a tendency to do) eventually your parking brake will lose pressure and basically turn off. If it's just for burnouts, I'd get the cheaper one, because you're gonna need the extra money for more tires.
  6. Neverdone

    Fender flares

    If you're worried about returning to stock, don't get fender flares.
  7. Neverdone

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I like the custom knuckle. 2 questions 1) Is that an aftermarket wheelhub? 2) Where does the front of the diff line up? in line vertically with your front diff mount, or slightly behind it?
  8. Neverdone

    Wanted: R200 Finned Diff Cover

    Longnose R200 is 4.25" spacing, Shortnose is 4.75" spacing. If you do get the finned cover you'll have to get a different transverse bar to connect the drop mounts for the rear suspension. The fins clash with that the stock piece and you have to raise it up. Arizona Z car does it like this. To get both the mustache bar and everything else it's about 550 bucks. Not super cheap, but it'll work, and it'll look fantastic!
  9. Even a stock 240z has wires and electrical systems. You're just trading an engine ECU for balancing carbs...which involves casting black magic spells to make work 100% correctly. Also, post pics of your engine bay. There's not exactly a lot of BMW powered Z's running around. The rear end clunk is solved here. It replaces the strap that goes over the top of the front end of your diff. https://www.technoversions.com/DiffMountHome.html
  10. Neverdone

    Paul Newman Championship Racecar on Sale!

    It's this one. Link isn't clickable for me either, but if you copy and paste it in your browser it works.
  11. How long will an L24 last you? If you're an expert in those engines, and that's what you want, then I'd sell what you have and go that route. But if you aren't an expert in either engine, then I'd do some research on what you have now. Learn how to replace Vanos seals, learn how to replace the plastic thermostat housing with a metal one, learn how to replace your water pump with one that has a metal impeller instead of the shitty plastic one that some early E36's came with, learn how to replace your mechnical fan with an electric one so that the nut that holds it on doesn't come loose and explode. Other those those failure points, it's pretty similar to any other engine. You need to change the oil. You need to make sure its gaskets aren't leaking oil. There's nothing magical about it, or nothing that can't be learned with a good service manual and reading up more on the failure points I brought up earlier. I guarantee you without even looking, there's at least 3 youtube videos of guys replacing every single one of the things I brought up that basically holds your hand all the way through it. While BMW parts aren't nearly as cheap as Toyota Camry parts, they're probably on par on cheaper than 50 year old Datsun parts.
  12. Neverdone

    Paul Newman Championship Racecar on Sale!

    I'm not a huge "racecar" fan. I never understood why people spend what seems like zillions on cars that have raced... But there are TWO race cars that I could 100% justify buying if I had more money than god like many people seem to have nowaday. This is half of them. God damn is that cool.
  13. Get the 6 speed out of a Z4. It bolts up to the S50 (you'll probably need a different slave cylinder to make sure everything works and more than likely have to modify the shifter arm). But right now, you have no overdrive. its' 1:1 gear ration in 5th for the M3 transmission you're using. BMW got around this by running a 3.15 diff in the back of the E36 for the manual versions. You're probably much higher than that because that is low. The 6 speed out of a Z4/330ZHP/a buncha other BMW's (ZF GS6-37BZ is the transmission) While this thread isn't 100% what you'll need to do, it'll outline the basics of what you'll need and issues that you may come across. https://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=790149 With the ZF GS6-37BZ final drive of .85:1 and rear diff with 3.545 (Subaru made an R180 with this ratio on some years of STI) you'd be running about 2650 rpms at 65mph.
  14. Neverdone

    What is this part? (is there a thread for this?)

  15. Neverdone

    S30 Rear Diff Details

    That's not an RT Mount. That is though.