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  1. WTB: 2.5" exhaust pipe (MSA 15-6308)

    I got this one and fit like a glove. I don't care for the exhaust sound so I'll be switching it out. But this is not the premium kit. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic19k/15-6021
  2. RIP Joel Soileau

    Joel was super nice guy. Very sad news. I met him back in 07 at the GA drags. Loved his car. He did such nice work.
  3. Base model 280zx project

    When did they not suck anymore? Still can't see the pics yet. Is there a news they are reversing their decision?
  4. ZX Low Back Seats Wanted

    You want the style with the head rest?
  5. I understand materials, but when I drop my car off at the dealer for service they don't ask for a dime. Understood they have much deeper pockets.
  6. I have an idiot neighbor where a shop has his mustang going on 5 years now for just motor work. The shop keeps telling him this and that and that they need more money. And he's dumb enough to give it to them. I had a one bad experience with a jeep I was having painted. Took a year to finish and then a month later the paint started falling off. I was so disheartened I just sold it off. My cars are like my children. I'd stop by for sure and want a visual inspection and proof of work performed thus far. When I get my Z painted I'm going to be very schedule driven, with little to no money down. To me if a shop needs my money before they even begin to work on my car that is a red flag.
  7. 280z/zx harmonic balancer

    I have two $50 for either plus shipping. One came of 75 and the other I can't recall but was a 280z.
  8. Selling 240z, how much?

    It's crazy what Z prices have been lately. Put it on BAT and see what it may bring, but set the reserve at 18k. Put the bumpers back on for sure. Make sure you show a pic of all the stock parts so the purist can seem them. Rust free original or repaired? https://bringatrailer.com/datsun/240z/
  9. '89 ZXT Part Out

    Thanks. Yeah my leather is getting there, but not that bad thanks. How much for the steering wheel on the blue cloth one?
  10. 1974 260z Project

    Are those Enkei wheels?
  11. compressor mount

    I think I have that same bracket.
  12. '89 ZXT Part Out

    How is the drivers seat and what color?
  13. Factory service manuals (FSM): http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/reference.html
  14. 1971 240Z L28 - Datsun Z Garage

    GLWS Bryan.
  15. Test (Ignore)