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  1. Shoot, I looked and only have the spindle.
  2. I think I have one. I’ll look tomorrow. How does $25 plus shipping sound.
  3. JSM

    Should I buy a 79 280zx

    Just buy it. For $500 you should be able to part it out for more. That’s how I always look at cheap Z’s. Rust or not.
  4. JSM

    1982/1983 Turbo ECU ECCS

    I have these two that came in a parts bin I got years ago. Never tried them. I only recently found them searching for my Z31 ECUs. Make a reaonable offer and they are yours. You can can find the specs here: http://jimwolftechnology.com/wolfpdf/ecu-id.pdf
  5. JSM

    70-78 Z Car Shell Wanted

    Hey Jeff, there is a guy in Daytona that had two 280z shells, now one. It is just the shell and had rust. No doors, fenders, hatch, etc stripped. It was on Craigslist but expired. I texted Ted him and he said he could get some pics. If you want his number PM. He only wanted $300 or $400 and had titles I think. Prices have sky rocketed. I looked at two 280z recently complete, rust and $2500 each. 6 years ago I paid $200 and $400 for similarly shaped cars.
  6. JSM

    This was pretty funny

    Suebawoo!!!! That made me laugh. The truth behind it is 40 years from now those guys will be reminiscing about what a wonderful show that was.
  7. JSM

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

    Hmmm, maybe Jon was wrong?
  8. JSM

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

    I thought it was the 74 280z 2+2?
  9. I don’t recall them being press fit. PM your address. You can have them for the price of shipping.
  10. Looking for a set. Let me know.
  11. JSM

    the wife's 240

    I must say you work fast. Spring of 2017 to spring of 2018 is pretty impressive. It must be easier to say, you want this I got to go work on it for you!
  12. JSM

    Members page - where is it?

    If you click the search without any info it brings up the advanced search. Click the member search tab. Enter some info. I was able to find myself after searching but I didn’t see list where you could scroll through members.
  13. JSM

    VG30ET swap

    Turbo manifold and injectors too.. I had read that someone just plugged the turbo Ecu into the NA harness and it was fine. I’ve been going through an 88 turbo harness and comparing it to the 87 NA harness I had. The Body to EFI harness plugs are different. Its possible they didn’t care about what that ran. The 3 ECU plug pin outs may be the same. Intercoolers never came on US cars. The rb20 Japan models had them.
  14. That is great. Congrats.
  15. Nice. This was on eBay in Cape Coral not long ago. Did he end the auction for you?