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  1. JSM

    Trying to find Z31 15 Pin ECU Plug

    Pretty sure I have one. Let me take a look.
  2. Nothing wrong with that all. Best of luck Juan.
  3. Geese Juan again! How many years before you start the next one?
  4. JSM

    Reviving #5837.

    What no pics! Did you take break for awhile?
  5. JSM

    Series 2 240Z Steering Wheel

    I’ve got one for $75 plus shipping. No horn pad or horn mechanism. Needs to be restored.
  6. Have you gave him the cash at least? If not, do it sooner than later. People can change their minds.
  7. We just bought a new lazy boy recliner for $800. In 1 year, heck, 1day it is worth less. You could easily take that car and turn it into $15k! Were not doing that with any of her crap! Run that hat buy her and see what she says! Heck, spend $100 on primer, get it running with maybe $1000 in parts, clean it and list it for $6k. Z cars have hit crazy prices. I have some original 73 steel rims that will go great with it!
  8. JSM

    ISO 280z radiator support

    See if this guy when he goes back out will cut this one out for you. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/60582-77-280z-found-almost-complete-in-junk-yard/?tab=comments#comment-555642
  9. I think that is off the 73 with the bigger bumper shocks. Maybe early 74 too. i found this this pic for the early year differences.
  10. JSM

    280z Ford 4.6L Mod Motor

    Very nice. How much of a headache was reusing the stock engine harnes? Just a few wires? The engine doesn’t look like it sits too low at all, how does it compare to stock? Are the 4.6 taller than the LS everyone else seems to me using?
  11. JSM

    re-mapping and live tuning L28ET 1982/83 S130 ECCS

    So your doing this just for fun? 😀 I do have 84T z31ecu too.
  12. JSM

    Vacaville Velo Rossa

    Looks amazing. I could here my wife yelling at me, your workshop is blocking my view of the rolling hills.
  13. Shoot, I looked and only have the spindle.