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  1. Need R200 side stubs

    Just for clarity you want the wheel stub axles, 27 spline from the 280 or the standard r200 inner stubs that clip into the r200 diff?
  2. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    This is front and back of the 84T.
  3. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Mine on my 88T works, I just can’t increase the idle with the screw. If I unplug it (the 2 prong connector on the fart left of the pic you posted) the car just dies. I never tested the 84T when I realized it was different.
  4. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Gotcha. For what your doing the year differences shouldnt matter. Im working on using the entire 88T harness stand alone so I can test a Z31 motor out of the car before I pull my bad motor and then use it on 240z on my turbo block.
  5. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Curious. Are you using the 87T harness too? It it was a different design. For what your doing it shouldn’t matter.
  6. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    What year is your car. I pulled one off an 84T hoping it would fit on my 88T and they are differnt. That is turbo right? Also if you get one ask to see if the idle screw is frozen. That was why I was after one. I tried and tried to get mine unstuck.
  7. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Lol. Yep I wonder the exact same thing. They end up using the screw on the TB to up the rpm and then have to grind the TPS holes bigger to adjust it.
  8. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142693320579
  9. Finally Picked Up My S30

    Welcome, welcome! You mind sharing what you spent? I really liked the new maxima and altimas. I just wish Nissan stayed away from the CVT transmission. Even the new ones have problems.
  10. I cant recall what year you had but remember the door cards (panels) are different. This is copy and paste from a web search. "Late 1974 (260Z) 1975-1976 early 280z are the same door skins. 1976 late to 1978 type is totally different. It is bigger, clips holes do not match at all. Furthermore, door lock-rod-hole is about 1 inch off."
  11. Paul Newman's 280zx on Youtube

    Thanks for sharing.
  12. No reply option under FAQ section.

    I think it may be locked down. The other thing that should be disabled is the ability to start new topics in the FAQ section.
  13. ignition switch?

    It’s possible. I’ve not seen them fail where the dash lights stay on with the key off. So how are you getting the dash lights back off once they are on? Does the pump come on when you initially turn the key to on or only when you turn off? New switches are pretty cheap. I’d replace it and see what happens.