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  1. JSM

    Members page - where is it?

    If you click the search without any info it brings up the advanced search. Click the member search tab. Enter some info. I was able to find myself after searching but I didn’t see list where you could scroll through members.
  2. JSM

    VG30ET swap

    Turbo manifold and injectors too.. I had read that someone just plugged the turbo Ecu into the NA harness and it was fine. I’ve been going through an 88 turbo harness and comparing it to the 87 NA harness I had. The Body to EFI harness plugs are different. Its possible they didn’t care about what that ran. The 3 ECU plug pin outs may be the same. Intercoolers never came on US cars. The rb20 Japan models had them.
  3. That is great. Congrats.
  4. Nice. This was on eBay in Cape Coral not long ago. Did he end the auction for you?
  5. JSM

    (Soon to be) New 280ZX Owner

    Welcome. Good luck on your hunt.
  6. JSM

    280z camshaft oil spraybar

  7. JSM

    280z camshaft oil spraybar

    I have one from an N42 head. I just need to figure where I put it.
  8. JSM

    JDM Legends show

    I enjoyed it as well. Did you watch the 280z redo right after JDM Legends the Goblin shop in the UK did? I didn’t care for what they did.
  9. JSM

    EFI: getting the injectors to work

    You’d have to get a RRFPR to do anything with the stock system. Just go mega squirt. There is a lot of support for MS around here.
  10. JSM

    Need a gas cap for a '70

    Might want to go this route with a key. That way you leave the keys with it and can’t drive off. 😀 http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/50-2201
  11. JSM

    Need R200 side stubs

    Just for clarity you want the wheel stub axles, 27 spline from the 280 or the standard r200 inner stubs that clip into the r200 diff?
  12. JSM

    Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    This is front and back of the 84T.
  13. JSM

    Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Mine on my 88T works, I just can’t increase the idle with the screw. If I unplug it (the 2 prong connector on the fart left of the pic you posted) the car just dies. I never tested the 84T when I realized it was different.
  14. JSM

    Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Gotcha. For what your doing the year differences shouldnt matter. Im working on using the entire 88T harness stand alone so I can test a Z31 motor out of the car before I pull my bad motor and then use it on 240z on my turbo block.
  15. JSM

    Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Curious. Are you using the 87T harness too? It it was a different design. For what your doing it shouldn’t matter.