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  1. 280z ignition

    Doh, your right Zed. I've been playing with my Z31's too much.
  2. 280z ignition

    Just reuse your 78 distributor for simiplicity. Just make sure you pay close attention to where the rotor is pointing. When you go to put the 78 into the 76 block, the rotor will twist due to the gear on it. You might have to do it a couple of times to get it spot on. You sure the dist wires are different? I thought 75-78 were the same.
  3. How do we Florida folks get invited next year!
  4. Random new S30 parts for sale

    That is the 300zx one right? What year is it from, I was looking for the T3 one from 84-87 I believe. The 88 and 89 are the T25.
  5. Not mine, just saw it posted and thought it was a very fair price shipped for a CLSD. https://z31performance.com/forum/marketplace/for-sale/538150-clsd-differential-30a-transmission-and-front-hubs
  6. Blue Dawn and Rain X for window cleaning??

    Or just buy the rainX brand windshield wiper fluid.
  7. Blue Dawn and Rain X for window cleaning??

    I don't see how it's any different than washing your car, drying and putting rain X on? That's how I read it at least.
  8. counting cars 240z

    Was it a customers or flip? What did it sell for if flip?
  9. N42 Turbo Motor Build Questions

    There is a N42 block. Iirc it came on the 75/76 model years.
  10. 3 inch exhaust drone

    I've figured it out, that I've never figured it out! At at least once a month I scratch my head and go WTH is that about. Best part ever is having adult children now. They look at her and go what's wrong with her! Makes me feel normal all these years I've scratched my hair out in utter confusion.
  11. Geese it's been awhile. Sold that one, bought another real clean 88T about a year ago and just picked up annother 89T for $400! It was loaded with Rats. I must have soldered 60 wires! Fixed all those and it Started right up.
  12. Good parts from 1982 on 1979

    Tail lights should swap. You need to keep the metal retaining bracket from the 82 lights though.
  13. Seat swap list for s30's

    Is the seatbelt part of the seat? It looks like the belt and receiver are on the seat only.
  14. Seems their site isn't working correctly at the moment. Not sure where in FL you are but upull in Orlando had a ZX. https://upullandpay.com/orlando/home/ Tampa had one too, but theirs looks gone now.
  15. Poly Diff Mount?

    I might have a stock one on my extra LSD. I put a feeler out on Facebook group to see if anyone has a source.