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  1. https://orlando.craigslist.org/pts/d/z31-r200-shiro-diff-lsd-with/6386944588.html Not mine.
  2. Gas Monkey 280z at SEMA

    I guess my question from a build and re-sale perspective, why 2+2? It does look nice, but I'd still rather have a 2+0 and I think most would agree. How many cars have we all searched for and went, awe 2+2 rats.
  3. 1974 Turbo 260z $4800 Kansas

    Good luck Jeff!
  4. Just wait a week. If he doesn't call you back call or text him that your offer of $500 stands for Everything with windshield and hood. I take it this car isn't advertised anywhere for sale? That's to your advantage if so. I look at it if can I buy it and make my money or more back with the purchase, I buy it regardless if I plan on keeping it or not. Pisses the wife off but it's an investment in my eyes. You do get the rest of the parts regardless of hood and windshield though right? If not then I'd likely walk away too. A lot is missing from the pics.
  5. 1974 Turbo 260z $4800 Kansas

    Yeah we down sized houses and up sized the lot! I would have only broken even if we sold, so I turned it into a rental. After three years of it being a rental I'm a bit tired of cutting two lawns! Man keep the car your gonna regret it. Kids will be 16 before you know it and how cool would the Z be for a first car. Just minus the turbo!
  6. 1974 Turbo 260z $4800 Kansas

    I understand. I sold all my cars 3 years ago to buy a second house. This new place I've got all the room in the world! Now I have four Z's again. I have a sickness.
  7. 1974 Turbo 260z $4800 Kansas

    What! No don't do it Jeff! Did you move the house looks nice.
  8. Just new here

    Wow, I would think Tampa would be crawling. You guys have a great Junk yards I frequent all the time!
  9. Just new here

    + 2 on welcome and Floridian.
  10. L28 turbo Oil feeds FROM WHERE????

    Glad you bought that one. I only found one that I needed for my motor.
  11. Thanks Bloz up. I think I've figured it out. I went through all the 84-89 FSM EFEC sections. For 84-86 the single blade sensor by cylinder #2 was there for the turbo model only injector cooling fan. NA I don't believe had them. For the 87-89 cars, there were no injector cooling fans, However, there is mention of a water temp sensor in the Electrical section for use in the digital gauge cluster. No mention for the analog. On my 88T car, I have no water temp sensor, nor on my spare motor that came from an 88T car. Both cars have analog dash. On my 89T, I have the water temp sensor and digital dash. This all came about from trying to repair the wiring damage from rats. What a PITA! I finished 10 of the 18 wires tonight. 8 more to go!
  12. New Moderators

    Wow, thanks Derek. I'll do anything I can to serve, but I'm not nearly as talented as you guys though.
  13. Mrs. BLOZ UP - 92TT

    Dang almost year since your last update! You make me feel normal. Thanks and keep at it.
  14. The VG30T has 3 water sensors: Coolant Temp sensor for the Gauge. Cylinder Head Temp Sensor for the ECU. Water Temp Sensor only on the Turbo model 87, 88 and 89 ?? Oddly on my 88 I don't have one. Nor does my 88T spare motor I got from a pic and pull. Yes they are true turbo motors. Can someone tell me what the Water Temp Sensor on the LH side of the motor behind the distributor does? Searched the FSM and google and couldn't find the answer.