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  1. Just wondering if anyone can share some pics of this particular setup. Just picked up a couple of harnesses, want to get an Idea of what to do. T3 has pics but my harness isn't like a wrap with Lv10 brackets, I have the bolt in eye bolts/clips on my harness. If anyone has pics, or can point me into the right direction of getting more insight. Tried to search but kept getting error issues, think maybe the site still has a few maintenance issues. Thanks
  2. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Yeah i've seen a few bad threads about the audi coils. Then again I've seen some good ones. Doesn't seem like it leans more toward negative feedback. I get a lot of compliments my man. They look good, your new wheels look good on your car tho.
  3. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Sorry I didn't know i hadn't any pics added. I've been kind of lurking around these forums for 3+ years. I had bought a 74' 260z with plans on swapping in a Sr20det Redtop when I had first joined in 2012. I actually had all the key components for this swap; motor/trans set, wiring specialties harness, fuel cell, Mckinney mounts, etc. etc. But fate had a different plan for me, because after I wrecked my sisters car, I had to sell the whole project for payment.... It was a long very excruciating/frustrating month. Anyways, I ended up selling the redtop to a 510 owner, and luckily for me more than him, I dodged a bullet. The original owner of the Sr20 had forgot to mention it needed a rebuild. Sucks. I kind of have been more low-key for a while. I had bought a daily turbo AWD Volvo wagon, and did some minor bolt-on/suspension components. I thought this would hold me over forever, pfftt sike, I had a creeping lingering of wanting to go fast and stupid…. but European parts aren’t the cheapest. So I started searching for another project. I really wanted a Mk3 supra. When I were a bit younger I had one but couldn’t afford any upgrades, and after the second blown head gasket I tapped out. So after searching I found a cheap shell that already had some chassis upgrades in Cali, it came with a r154 no motor, Tien coilovers and a clean title/paint. So I offered a deal and a date to pick it up that weekend, but when the day came the guy had sold it already. -__-. So my roommate had a friend that was selling a Datsun 260z. He hadn't posted it yet and wanted to sell it "cheaper" to friends of friends if that became the case. At first I said no because I didn't want to deal with the rust, fuel tank, Blah Blah. I thought about it for all but 10 minutes and curiosity killed that cat, quick. I told my buddy you know what let’s go take a look, what’s that going to hurt. Come to find out this guy put some good money into the car already. All four Willwood brakes, Rota Grids, BC suspension, new tie rods, new bushings, Mishimoto Rad, Pertronix Ignition, the list goes on. He even had a box with misc. parts that had triple carb’d short plenums. All for $2000. So I ran to the bank before he could change his mind. I mean yes it has rust of course but, only issue was since he had upgraded to the Pertronix/Flamethrower unit he couldn't get it started. Lol it also had no steering wheel, no seats, no electrical I.E no turn signals or headlights. So i bought a Grip Royal, put a spare seat, and wired in some lights. Got it running but I wanted something faster. At first I wanted to do a RB series motor, for the longest I thought of a Rb20 was the way to go. Then of course after dooming myself by watching youtube vids of swaps, I said why not get a RB25. I didn't want to do a swap and feel like I did the wrong swap, and not be satisfied….So then I contacted NASA and starting inquiring about jet engines….lol Just kidding. Then for some reason I started looking into the JZ class, I think it was because deep down I’ve always wanted a 1.5jz MK3 supra. IDK, but when I looked over the 1j/2j swap for dummies that’s a sticky on this forum and, the countless info it had, I knew the 1j was a great idea. So I picked up a 1j-vvti out of a jzx100 from an airman who recently moved here. It was still in the crate when I bought it. He actually had a few motors in his garage, two rb25s, a dismantled 2jz non-vvti, and a complete 1j-vvti which I bought. I almost went LSX but I wanted to keep it JDM, now that I think about it, a diesel turbo would’ve been pretty sweeeeeeeet. Anyways after I got the 1j I let it sit in the garage for a bit. I figured I could buy a r154 later, not knowing how much they have gotten since they’re so sought after. Before I started the swap I wanted to start doing things to the chassis. When I bought it I thought it were the coolest looking car you’d see, like mad max style. I loved how it looked. But deep down I felt like the car wasn’t something I created. Like when I would get compliments, I felt like I was driving someone else’s project, if that makes sense. So I bought airdam/front bumper/Fender mirrors and loved the way it turned out. Made a bracket for a K-sport hydraulic handbrake. (don't mind the interior, after this swap i really need to fix this lol) (Took this for you guys after motor was out) Bought new wheels/zg flares Atari 15x10.5 thanks to my buddy in Reno, I bought his old set-up. I knew with the 1j, I would need more meat on my tires than just the 8". Or maybe thats what I told myself to justify buying his clean wheels lol. Gave him a clear coat and added this One Piece Anime sticker (I decided to dedicate this car to my nephews favorite anime character Sanji). I think it looks pretty cool, I feel like its kinda different. I like different. After I felt like the Rusted chassis was ready for some HP loving, I started sourcing out motor components. Went to Arizona for the rear sump oil pan, since the jzx100s come front. Hit up drift motion for some preventive maintenance parts, and did more research for this s**t show I was going to bring onto myself lol. So when I was searching around I found countless info on the transmissions you could use over the R154. I knew I didn't want to pay for the expensive tranny I found to be not the smoothest, so I looked into the CD009, 300zx transmission, and w58(this would've been a mistake in the long run I feel). I was practically sold on the CD009, a buddy went with this transmission and told me how good this was. But, and this was a big but, I didn't want to have to mill anything down. I ended up stumbling across something interesting on the CLUBLEXUS forum and found some info on the Aisin Ar5 transmission out of a Solstice/Sky. I kind of laughed at first, I didn't think it possible, but after doing some intense reading. I’ve found it’s a new and improved R154. Lol shifts like butter because its newer, can handle just about as much torque, and I don't have to mill down the bellhousing. So I sourced one out for cheap down the road in Cali. I bought it from the 2007 Saturn sky, with the inter-trim design. If you want to go this route try and find a one pre 2006, or you’re going to have to make a bracket like it did. Which isn’t bad it just adds a few more steps. So I had to switch from the solstice bell housing, to a 1j to r154 bell housing. It bolted right up. I would much rather do that than have to mill down my bellhousing, I did however have to dremmel my input shaft down just a few mm. Back to drift motion for some tranny components; custom pilot bearing, w58 pressure plate, w58 lightened flywheel, custom un-sprung clutch disc, rear main seal, etc. etc. This tranny/engine swap is getting pretty popular they were saying, I was on a waiting list for the custom Clutch disc for almost a month. I must say after buying the transmission, new clutch components, and even sourcing out a R200. I was still under the price of a used R154. So I bought a OBX LSD unit. After my swap is in I’ll switch to the upgraded bolts and washers. Since I had down time, I started to make brackets out of wood, big thanks to RUSSJZ-FED. I didn’t want to get stuck using the CX-racing mounts, not knowing how far I needed the motor. If you have seen this swap done before in this chassis please copy a link. I’m interested to see where it plays out. Anyways made my running mounts out of wood, and used the XJS mounts that Russ had suggested. I thought I would be sneaky and buy some 1jz swap brackets for the block/transmission for A 240sx off of Ebay. Figured it would save me time and I could always fabricate whatever I needed off of what was already made. -__- that was the wrong mistake. Out of all three parts I received, only the driver side mount worked lol. I then tried to get them to send me at least a replacement passenger side mount, which they were but they informed me that all their mounts are already premade. So do not buy this item from them, it will frustrate you and waste your time!! So I am at a point where I believe I’m ready to take the motor out and the new motor in. That old motor Is as heavy as crap, jeez inline 6 cast-iron block lol, it’s a wonder how they made these motors. Ended up selling my motorset to my buddy up the street, now I have more funds for more dumbs lol. Cleaned up my wiring a bit, since I had the motor out, and had hardwired my turn signals and my headlights. Started to put the new motor in and the catalytic converter was so in the way, so I cut it off. Lol. Not going to need that anymore. I got all my parts for the gearbox bolted in and torqued down. Took a couple of pics for you guys to see what it looks like. So at this point I am far enough in this swap to feel like it'll be a full build thread and not the start of one. When I have time this weekend I am going to start making bridges from the motor to the chassis and see about how I need to make the tranny mount. I do however travel a bit for work, so it may take days for updates. All input is welcome, thanks for checking this thread out fellas.
  4. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Yes, they are smart coils from what i've read. This is what i've read that had most info about the R8 coils. Seems like the GTR guys use this a lot. I've found more info on their forums than, on xjz forums. http://forums.gtrcanada.com/forum/all-things-skyline/general-skyline-tech/65776-ls2-truck-coils-vs-audi-r8-red-top-coils How do you like IGN1A's? I like how cheap the Audi coils are, and the availability.
  5. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Update** Sorry guys haven't posted in a little while, been somewhat busy with work. Anyways worked on the Z here and there and heres what I've done. Figured out my overheating issue, it was something dumb like i figured it would be. And I didn't figure it out until i was out of town of course lol. Basically radiators, for the most part come in from the top and trickle down to the bottom, which we all know. Come to find out our radiator, well my radiator is cross scroll. Meaning it flows from left (Inlet from engine) to right (outlet to engine) Didn't even know that were a thing. Anyways both my inlet/outlet were on the same side, so in theory it wasn't even acting as a radiator, more like a glorified surge tank. Ran into my wiring guy at the drift event this weekend, streetdriventour, and he said he know it was he cut it open and welded a divider plate in the middle to make it act as somewhat a hybrid top/bottom side scroll rad. lol Didn't really workout to well, so i had it welded and put back on the stock plenum. I had thought over buying a new one, but it worked perfectly fine with the stock L series so i kept it at that. Added a mishimoto oil cooler, now idle is about 170-Fish, and street driving is 185-200-F. I got a sandwich plate from suspicious garage, super easy install, basically removing your oil filter putting the sandwich plate in its place and screwing it back into the stock position. Also came with a oil thermostat that opens at 165F. I mounted the cooler to my front bumper, made some brackets and used muffler u clamps for support. It gave it a nice firm feel, doesn't move around is very secure. 10an fitting of course from summit. Made a shift bezel to take away in-cab heat, and cosmetic look. Used a rubber shift boot from a mazda miata 1994 i believe. And went to home depot for some sheet metal, cut accordingly to my liking and riveted the bezel on. I really wanted to reuse my stock center console, but with the shifter being so far back, or further back, and my hydraulic brake being right there. I thought against it, and sold it. Picked up some Takata harness' from a local. I got the pair really really cheap from a fellow Z enthusiast, Come to find out they are real, just expired, but made for a roadster, so they are also real short lol. The eyebolts for the wastestraps go into the old stock seatbelts, but the shoulder harnesses are way too short to hit the ground. Kinda pissed off for a second, but figured i would get a inch thick bar to be welded in the back to where i can put the eyebolts onto. A project for another time. Next proj will be 1" Willwood Master cylinder, 280z brake booster upgrade. My brake booster is failing, and I feel like my brakes should feel a lot better than they do. I remember i never upgraded from the stock MC. Like i said earlier, I drove the Z out to the speedway to watch some friends at the drift event. I got quite a bit of love out there, had seen someone post pics of the Z on instagram, and they gave me all the pics they took of it. Hope you guys enjoy. I kinda wish he got pics of the full car. actually just found another pic on IG. So just about ready to tune it, and i run into the next issue. lol fix one thing, another breaks..Its a vicious cycle. Anyways my wire in the #1 cylinder port is really finicky. Come to find out its got a hairline crack in it. So it'll run fine then when it wants to it'll run crappy. Did some reading on a few forums to see what others have done, and read this is a common issue for our motors. Did more research and read about the "wasted spark" system the jz series has. Meaning 3 coils feeding 3 wires. Found there are multiple options for both keeping it the same type of wasted spark system I.E 1jzz, or the super spark upgrade. On the other hand i could go to something like x6 coil setup. I.E Audi R8, or Lq9 from the Ls. First thought was to buy one wire from someone locally, or online just to get the car to tune. I figure if i change one i should change them all, so the lifespan is somewhat the same. If one is crapping out, then another is probably going to...atleast with my luck lol. Then thought about buying the superspark upgrade and paying for it once and done. But i've read in drift works sometimes they end up having the same issue. Also considered buying brand new for them, but for cheaper i could get the Ls series or R8 style. I really like how the Ls series sits outside of the plug tunnel and comes with its own ignitor, making the capability of running without the stock Jz ignitor. (read this can only be done with an aftermarket ECU, then again read elsewhere stock ECU is fine) so not sure what to believe there. A lot of guys are running the LQ9 coil pack enough to where there is a bit of info for the swap. Cx racing even makes a bracket for the new wires. I honestly have been leaning towards the R8 coil packs. Brand new you spend 172$ for the six and can be had at most part stores for around $20 - $30 new. Theres mixed reviews on this route, but most are good, even the rb26 gtr guys run this setup. My wiring guy gave me a great price on install, and also runs this setup on his. He said he really suggests this, and from remembering from an earlier post he mentioned switching out the coil packs before going to a bigger turbo system. Here's what I'm looking at, let me know what you guys think. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-volkswagen-audi-parts/ignition-coil-priced-each/06a905115d/ Filmed a vid to show you what the car sounds like at the moment, where my wideband is, and the faulty wire i talked about. I think this is the first vid i made with the GoPro i got at my company christmas party.
  6. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Lol move your cell like mine, come to the dark side lol
  7. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Hot: as in norm is 180-210 degrees F, and I'm creeping passed the 230s. No oil in the coolant, and vice versa. Lean: Im in the higher side of the wideband while on throttle the few times I've driven it. I definitely know I'm not running rich, so its more of an assumption. My overflow reservoir is tubed out from the swirl pot, kinda tucked between the rad hosing and IC piping. Its definitely air tight, its sealed no leaks from anywhere, thinking its just a timing thing now. Thanks man, definitely was a better move upgrading to this setup. My bad yes its Nylon braided. Remember its almost to the bottom part of the car but not on the bottom.
  8. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Started to finish the hardlines then thought of the long run. Kinda got stuck with going to the stock hardline on the chassis to my hardlines..So after really thinking about it for a second, I switched to 8an fittings with 8an steel braided hoses. With that said I ran my lines to the driver side tranny tunnel of the car. My first plan was to remove the stock lines and run them the same route, but I thought against it and ran my lines elsewhere. I attached it to the bottom part of the tranny tunnel, pretty happy how it turned out. So my map wasn't the issue at all, it was actually the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) the three wires that go into the sensor, there was one wire that wasn't getting a connection. After taking the sensor off and resodering the wire, it fired right up. Amazing what one wire could do. Car is up and running now. Im running a little hot tho, and a little lean... So i checked the cooling system, only had water in it. Switched over to the Zerex asian RED coolant (a lot of people swear by this so I checked it out.Burped the system. Still running hot. Remembered I never changed my therm. So i got the mishimoto one from driftmotion. Still running hot. I know for sure my timing is probably a little off. Gonna have my wiring buddy come over with his PC and check the ECU out. So i've kinda been cleaning up wiring a little bit, and small little knick Knacks here and there. Driving it around little bit it feels really really good, even untuned feels very strong. Ill be taking it back to the shop early next week. Side note sold my Daily today. A little bittersweet happy its gone but sucks to let it go. Couldn't stand how low it was. Anyways anybody running the T3 camber arms? I kinda wan those. Want to run some negative degrees in the rear. Just a little bit lol.
  9. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Seattle jester you always got me rethinking things i've already done lol. but i always dig the input. Yeah its a street car, i know some type of cage is in the future. i feel like any hard contact with anything my car would be toast.
  10. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    I've seen a few people do this. I like the idea but i chose to go another route. Keeping the factory filler was the main thing that I wanted to do but thought against it, when it came to doing my fuel system. I rewired it prior to the swap to its own individual route. Just wasn't hooked up. I jumped it off the signal light on the OEM headlight switch.
  11. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Hmm touche'. Didn't think about that. Figured the car would be too loud to hear the slosh and dribble. After the cars on, I can barely hear the fuel pump. This is why I need to get a full cage, and possibly a bash bar in the rear. Still waiting on the fuel straps.
  12. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Yeah I've read that the common issue with these motors is the Iacv needing a cleaning. Didn't know it was such a common issue for this motor. I have yet to drive the car with this new setup of fender mirrors. Mine old ones were cheap knock offs ill have to admit, so I'm not sure how the good ones are as far as adjustability. I was able to unscrew a screw and adjust the mirrors left to right, but with these Grom mirrors they are on a swivel so they can move left, right, up, down, etc. etc. how ever you want. They are a bit higher tho, thats the only con i have about them. Yeah I know having the cell in the car is a little ahhh, but seeing other builds i've seen a few people run it this way. Plus I didn't want to have to make brackets for the fuel cell under the car. I am glad its up a lot more since its a bit aways away from the exhaust system.
  13. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Thank you, the grom mirrors are really good. Bigger than my bullet style and I the mirrors are on a swivel so you can move it however you want. I can actually see behind me now. My old mirrors were cheaply made, so the difference is night and day. Im keeping the hood as is, I thought I were going to switch over to an all black carbon one. But the dent in the front i feel gives it a bit more character. Also the faded red kinda grew on me as well lol
  14. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    UPDATE** Nothing too crazy this go around. Just did the little list of things for myself last week. -changed FMS/Alternator Stumbled upon a tool a friend used to remove his FMS/RMS this tool is the tits. Got it at home depot for $.49, its a paint can lid opener tool doohickey thingy. lol. Anyways it worked better than a flat head for me. -Fixed headlights/turnsignals.(rewired turn signals to the OEM area, got the idea from a members thread) All this was present but since I did the swap none of the lights were working. Not using my reverse lights so I jumped them to each sides turn signals. My driver side bulb harness for the reverse light was burnt out, so I cut the old bulb harnesses out and used a universal harness from auto zone. Used the stock bezels, macguyvered the bulbs harness into the stock harness lol. -Changed over the Cell, of course I bought something a little bit bigger than the spare tire area..of course So I switched this system over, contacted my welding buddy to weld over the spare tire and mounted the cell in its new location. Sprayed the outside of the weld with some "Great Stuff Foam" and sanded it down.Rerouted wiring for sender off the T3 harness bar. And did some hardlines...almost done...Still waiting on a couple of fittings. I tell you, i should've just went steel braided. Installed a 100 micron Fuel filter, didn't have one before so its inline pre pump. -Lol okay so I put the Grom Mirrors on... I actually like them, they don't look half bad to me. Fully functional/Maneuverable. i think I'm sold on these, going to keep them on for awhile. Let me know what you guys think. -Map sensor is still in the works. My idle issue has gotten worse. After changing the Map sensor with a new one now my car turns on for a split second then turns off. Which makes me really believe its the Map sensor...or the Iacv. Heard these are common issues with needing to be cleaned. So took mine off and cleaned it. Didn't fix my issue, so I tested the 3.5 bar sensor and to my avail, I'm not getting 5v. Which tells me the map isn't even on. Ran out of time on this one, will have to go back out this weekend and track down where my buddy tapped into on the harness.
  15. 2JZ engine build question

    Aisin Ar5's, Saturn Sky transmission, are pretty cheap or cheap(er) alternative to the r154. Just need to change out bellhousings with a xjz one.
  16. Alright. I might give them a try then. I know I need an alignment but I would hate to get one find out I need these then have to do another alignment after. Thanks
  17. Anybody ever get these? Thinking about running this on my Z. I need a bit of camber in my front and rear. Thinking of running this in front and then camber arms from T3 in the rears.
  18. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Thats just a regular NRG seat I believe, they usually look like that so I'm not sure the exact model differences. They are inexpensive, just a little too high sitting for my liking, might drill a hole to make it lower on the brackets. Thank you. Will definitely post of the whole car when finished.
  19. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Thanks, I've always liked the sound of surge, even tho it's bad. I did put one mirror on since I need to try and source out more bolts(the bolts are m10x1.25 reverse thread) lol wth. I put one on and it doesn't look as bad as I thought. I'll post a pic when I get the two on.
  20. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Awww man. I was hoping I solved my issue if not being able to see lol. Ah well.might mess around and put them on for shiz and gigz.
  21. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Ahh I know. I'm interested to see what they look like. Will keep trying to fix my side mirror on the passenger side. I just like the fact that the mirrors are fully adjustable OEM, so the quality is better than what I have at the moment. The issue with the tranny was the clutch disk being a bit too thick. It was pushing on the crank a little making it hard to turn. The disk was grinder down a bit to suffice. Still has a lot of life.
  22. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    UPDATE** Got my car back this past weekend. Super excited to get it back, tho I do have a few things that I need to clean up/fix before its fully drivable. Had to tow it home, but I was able to drive it around the block before pulling it back into the garage for you guys. This car feels amazing, just wants to pull pull pull. Gauges work, speedo/tach work, Tranny feels really good. Diff might have a few issues, might have to crack it open. It kinda sounds like marbles, I do remember leaking some diff fluid when i towed it from my house to my mechanic so ill do a refill it and go from there. https://youtu.be/Og-Xbfm6TDQ Basically, my car doesn't want to idle. Could be a multitude of things, could be one thing. Thinking it might be the map sensor. Here's a little list of what I need to fix next. -Alternator -Front Main Seal -Change out the silicone hosing I used for fuel lines (starting to expand) will go to steel braided, and I need a fuel filter. -Switch over the fuel cell to a aluminum cell one without foam. After a quick chat with my wiring guy about how bad the foam is in the long run, I was convinced to change over to something without the foam. Tho it will have a bit of slosh, I found one with a sump and will end up getting a surge tank in the future. When I upgrade my fuel system. Also need to do a vent out of the cell, its starting to balloon.FML -I need a new 3.5bar AEM map sensor. Maybe, my wiring guy says its a possibility that this could be faulty so I got another from Summit Racing, if its not bad Ill send this back. So waiting for that, I did some cosmetics. I had bought the retro spec wing, and put that on. Also put back on my front bumper. Not gonna lie wasn't really feeling the hood scoop for the longest time, but now that the front air dam is back on it flows. Ended up wiring the fuel level gauge to this fuel cell, even tho I'm changing fuel cells I figured pre-wiring this now I can just swap out the cell and plug & play. Wired in the boost gauge, I have one gauge port open now since i have my AEM air/fuel, water, oil at the opening where my radio would be. So I'm trying to figure out what to put there as like a place holder so it doesn't look like an eyesore. Maybe a sticker or another gauge? Wired back in the headlights, turn signals, my brake lights are being a little cooky so Ill need to look into that when i get back. I don't have them as running lights or when I push the brakes. might be a fuse, might've gotten unplugged. Kind of a weird question. But has anybody ever used motorcycle mirrors as a fender mirrors?? Sounds kinda off the wall but my roommate has a Grom and these mirrors are looking like they might work….Maybe lol. My knock off fender mirrors are starting to get on my nerves with not being able to be fully adjustable. These from mirrors are on point with its fully adjustablitiy, so I may try switching to his mirrors lol.
  23. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Lol Intercooler piping is already done. Its funny because I thought he strictly does wiring, but he has a fabricator/welder and a mechanic. my mechanic let me know that everything is wired and working, everything is good except for the crank not wanting to turn over. After a short convo I let him know it definitely moves since it moved while I were changing to an aluminum crank pulley. So it looks like it could either be starter(which I doubt) or the flywheel bolts I used are a little bit too big. good news is the ECU works tho lol
  24. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Yeah lemme see if I can swing by tomorrow or some time this week. They did a reservoir and I bought a billet water neck that they welded on. It does cross over the Differential/Driveshaft area, If i could go back i would've mounted my cx mounts like you did. Kinda kicking myself right now.