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    73 240Z owned for 30+yrs(my high school car). Doing a full makeover now, Voodoo/T56 Magnum, Suspension, Brakes, etc.

    2007 Jeep JK Unlimited, LS3/6L80E/242AMG https://www.rme4x4.com/showthread.php?77265-Jeep-JK-Unlimited-quot-Transformer-quot-6-2L-quot-LS3-quot-GM-build
  1. I agree with Derek on what it seems you are after finish wise. Unless you coat the parts a vibratory polish/burnish is going to be the way to do. I would be careful with soda. I haven't used it but I have a good friend that is in high end paint for custom cars and he is adamant against it. Definitely more delicate at removal of rust and paint while not damaging the surface it can leave residue. Have you considered a really high quality clear coat? The bead blasted parts won't stay that clean color and texture. Aluminum will corrode over the years unless it is somehow coated or anodized. You could also clear anodize which might be a good choice. I'm not sure how much corrosion resistance if any the vibratory media would provide and how much residue is left preventing an anodize or paint. With as much work as you have put into this project I would certainly want it to stay that way. I am chemically stripping my car then blasting what that misses. Aluminum will be bead blasted for texture then probably clear coated or anodized to prevent corrosion. If I had access (meaning reasonably priced without having to send it out at full shop rate) to the Vibratory finish Derek is showing I would really consider that option. I have two blasters in my shop both a cabinet and pressure pot and a compressor large enough to run either all day long. I just can't justify paying for something I can do here. I don't mind the dull finish as long as it is clean and even and protected from corrosion. The rifle project I mentioned is going to get a nickel boron plate after engraving trying to get as close to the stainless barrel as possible. That finish is outstanding at corrosion resistance and lubricity but is really expensive to have done. OK on small parts but would be obscene overkill for car part castings, at least for covers and housings.
  2. Project Binkey

    Outstanding! Thanks for posting it up. My 11yr. old has even been enjoying watching these with me.
  3. Cold Air Induction

    I'd be a little careful with the silicone parts. I have one purchased for an intake and is really flexible, evan collapsible still sitting on a shelf. I ended up sourcing a nice rubber type material that holds its shape much better. On a pressure/boosted side of a system they would be great but not so much with a vacuum on a normal aspirated. Some may be reinforced which would help.
  4. Glass beads are really just a different shape being round rather than rough like silica sand, less abrasive. It isn't the same as say "shot peening". In my experience, the dull appearance is normal. The beads do remove less material and are less abrasive, giving more of a matte finish almost a dull sheen. The actual sand depending on grit is similar in appearance but much more aggressive and rough in finish texture. Sand will remove more material and leave a rougher finish. Keep in mind as well that the "glass" beads break as they are used in the cabinet and are no longer round as does the sand which depending on the material of choice may become less aggressive or more as they break into smaller pieces. Silica sand loses its sharp edges and bite. Garnet, and other materials behave differently. All of this is assuming it was blasted in a cabinet where the material was used over and over. If done outside with one hit, things will behave more consistent as you only get the original material hitting your part. Usually the cabinet is used as media gets expensive if it's a one shot deal and also messy. Your photos do look consistent with glass beads. You could roll that media in your fingers to see if some are round or if all of it is rough and jagged. As a an example, I am building a custom lever action rifle and will use the glass beads in a cabinet to just texture an already clean aluminum receiver. Low air pressure and fine beads to get a light even matte finish without removing material is the goal. On parts like yours if they have to focus on removing dirt, grease or paint you could end up with material removal in certain areas if part is raw and part painted, the raw part will lose some material while they are trying to get the painted part to let go. Beads are less abrasive but also slower and less aggressive at removing the junk while tending to leave a less rough matte finish. Beads will also tend to close up the surface a little like shot peening rather than open it up to better accept paint. Shot peening is more a of a hardness treatment rather than to clean. I don't know of any media except for maybe shot peening that would leave a part shiny from blasting. Shot peening is like thousands of tiny hammer hits. I hope that helps and anyone with more extensive experience is more than welcome to clarify anything that I may be missing here. Sorry I got a little wordy there. Your project is coming along and it's nice to see the progress and quality of work. Dave
  5. Also, my son and daughter work for a shop that does these shirts/hoodies/hats/etc. My son has done design work and has his own little side business selling logo products. Might be able to get a deal on them there if that helps to increase the donation potential or drop the purchase pricing while holding the donations the same maybe picking up more volume. Food for thought. I think long term, having a constant "store" for the shirts and other paraphernalia along with everyone doing consistent "membership" donations might be better than SuperDan getting frustrated at lack of support and the burst to make it up. I have been super busy with building a new house/shop and totally missed all the potential shut down. Read up last night and was really impressed by all the rallying support. I have personally just donated the recommended amount every year. from shortly after I got back into my 240Z project and found this site. I don't financially support many of these forums but this site is really a great place to be with great people and information so I felt it was important to support. Let me know if I can help out. Dave
  6. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    Very nice. Always enjoy seeing your updates.
  7. I missed this the first time around. If you do another run I'd be in for a hoodie and shirt.
  8. 240Z Pro-Touring Build

    Too late on the transmission but that was a deal I couldn't pass up. It was a trade deal at like half price. I'll agree on getting parts more as needed, especially this particular engine as prices will only come down. I'd love to see a direct inject version of it too. Sadly I've had too much experience with cutting edge parts that ultimately ended up on eBay because something better came out or I changed directions. I have a whole pro-street Harley/Ducati project I need to sell along with a bunch of other project's cool parts. There is a huge amount of work to do before the engine holds progress up. It will probably get a Coyote initially for mock up and the fact I can actually make money selling that engine if truck based when I find the right Voodoo. I need to focus on the shell, structure, suspension and body first. Most of that I have parts for or won't require substantial investment. Don't get me wrong I would LOVE to just see a Voodoo sitting in that engine bay but you are all too right about "cart before the horse". Thanks for the comment and following along.
  9. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction. All the hidden carbon wouldn't be anywhere near as affected by UV light on the resins. Painted with all the WOW still seen when you open her up sounds super cool to me!
  10. 240Z Pro-Touring Build

    Thanks for the input Ryan but that would kind of defeat the point of the build. It may get a Coyote temporarily. I have a set of rods for one already so I could use a truck based engine even earlier years and might even make a bit of $ when it comes out to go towards the Voodoo. Long term, I'd just do an LS if that were the goal. I'm intimately familiar with the platform, have lots of parts, etc. But, I want the sound, high RPM revs and the way the power delivers from that flat plane crank. 500hp to the wheels will be great and the car might actually start out without completely being out of control. Will it cost quite a bit more? Pretty sure that will be the case. This isn't a budget build. Sadly not a very fast one either. Hopefully some updates will come in the near future. We're working on the 8.8 from the new mustangs and are getting closer on that project. Just moved it over to my new shop/garage for storage while I finish up the house and get everything else moved over. Thought I had a rotisserie all sorted but 1969honda came up with a better idea so I may go that route instead. Collecting a few pieces here and there. Just no time to dive in until the house is done.
  11. 240 project

  12. Midnight Madness 560z...

    Looks like it's working out. Next time come use my TIG
  13. Midnight Madness 560z...

    I have a scraper that sandwiches on the main stud nuts for my LS. I'll have to show you. Maybe something similar could be rigged up. As I recall, the bottom ends looked similar.
  14. Midnight Madness 560z...

    Either is doable. I think the scraper is more important and that tray should work.
  15. Midnight Madness 560z...

    Windage is second from right in your post. Can't get my tablet to upload it.