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  1. I moved the trans up as far as I could. I also moved the diff up slightly in the rear to get the angles just right. Technically I should not have had to do anything to the rear. I never measured it with the stock trans so I don't know what the factory angles were. Just shooting for the standard 1-3 degrees.
  2. I have an apex mount new not used I can sell for $150. I kept the GM poly trans mount and ended up making my own. You do have to cut the ears off the factory trans mount and with the shaped floor you can't just move them down. I did not like the driveshaft angle with the Cd009 and Nissan L motor.
  3. back to the transmission. What clutch slave cylinder and lines did you use? I am doing a L6 with JWT 6 speed, but the conversion kit type lines don't fit inside the bell housing. I don't want to use a stock one as they are bad plus having to figure out how to convert the hydraulic lines.
  4. Obviously that will not work due to my location. Probably not much call for an auto trans, but I can use the bellhousing. If you can see fit to help a fellow Z'er I can cover shipping. If you don't want to then it's cool and I will keep looking.
  5. will take transmission. Only need housing, you can keep/resell the rest
  6. anytime I see boost falling with RPM I would check valve spring pressure as well. Especially if it is stock springs with that cam. A little play on a turbo is fine and won't cause dropping boost, but it is you doing the wiggling so I can't judge that. Feeling it move is one thing, but hearing it move by hand is definitely bad.
  7. This is your late Christmas present. There are so many threads on rims this one should go to the tool shed. However, All the rims you listed will work, but won't give you max tire size. I have a 71 with BC coilovers. I went with 17X8 and 225/45/17 tires. The rims were Rota RKR with a 4 offset. If they made the rims with more offset (+10) I could have fit a 8.5 on the rear with no rubbing. You do not want negative at all for stock fenders. That is for guys with flares. You need positive offset to push the rim towards the coilovers to get a wider tire in there. If lip is more important stick with zero offset or find a rim with a convex design to maximize the look.
  8. Did it. Not a bolt on deal, but easier than a LS1 swap! Nobody here should be scared. rear parking hat brakes
  9. About &950 with shipping, series one available next month. No mention of free shipping when I contacted them. Just glad to finally have an option over the $2000 legendary dashes wants to redo one. Anybody need a new dash cap? Greg
  10. just to go on record I am in for one of the kits, but have not heard back how to confirm. I don't have a running car, but am ready to install engine and trans if that helps. Waiting on this trans kit has been one of the many reasons I have procrastinated. I have a series 1 so the trans mount will be different anyway. I did email you direct, but as busy as you are I don't expect quick answers. Does the custom flywheel use the 225 mm regular or the 250 mm turbo and 2+2 larger clutch diameter? Thanks, Greg
  11. I have one, but can't remember what I paid for it years ago. Still holding out for the 6 speed adapter.
  12. I messaged you on Facebook. Was wanting to try your adapter with the VQ37 6 speeds. I happen to have a couple good ones already. Lots of shifter, hydraulic clutch, and throwout bearing kits and spacers out there for the IS300 and supra conversions. Would love to mix and match on the Z car. The hydraulic clutch spacers makeup for the adapter, just need the starter addressed. Greg
  13. Tim, did you get your bellhousing yet?
  14. very impressive. Everything that company does has been top notch and priced reasonable.
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