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  1. rossman

    New SBF 302 Datsun owner

    Welcome! Very nice car!
  2. CZCC is Classic Zcar Club.
  3. That's good to know!
  4. Stokked, Welcome to Hybridz! That seems high but I haven't priced an engine build since 2008. For reference, my Rebello (Google it) built long block wasn't much more than $5K back in 2008 for a long block build with forged internals, custom cam and mildly ported head. You can do the math. I'd recommend shopping around, and be sure to read about HZ member experiences with California Datsun. I believe they used to be called Datsun Parts. Good luck with that! Not personally, but search around there are quite a few people who have paid for their services. Search and form your own opinion about California Datsun, a.k.a Datsun Parts. Talk to Rebello Racing (or read more HZ) and get ready to open your wallet. You won't be able to run pump gas with that kind of compression. It's all here, right at your fingertips. I certainly don't have the time or will to spoon feed information maybe some other nice soul will. FWIW, the best way I've found to search Hybridz is to open a new tab, go to Google type in your search term followed by "site:hybridz.org". For example "250hp l24 site:hybridz.org" results in this post: Lots of good information in there. Good Luck!!!!
  5. rossman

    Ross' Sleeper Z

    I developed a 280zxt rotor cap for my car. I'm considering printing/selling more. Let me know what you think! Here is version 1.0, test fit on the dizzy. I didn't spend much time making it look good, just testing the fit. Turns out it fit perfectly. Here is version 1.1 as-uploaded to my print queue. I spent a lot of time sketching the "Z" and optimizing the look. My printer is a Markforged Mark Two. The material will be Onyx, a chopped carbon infused nylon. I'm not sure how well it will stand up to engine heat. My other option is Stratasys ABS although, if I sell these I'll farm them out so there are many other options including metal. They could also be machined but the Z will be difficult to produce correctly due to the tiny radii. Any feedback is appreciated!
  6. rossman

    Leon's Other 260Z

    Nice! 👍
  7. rossman

    New to the Z world! Wanted to say HI!

    Those bumpers and the trim will just unbolt and you'll be left with fresh matching paint underneath assuming he previous owner removed the bumpers to paint the car. 240 bumpers will cover the holes, you'll just need to get some adapter brackets for mounting the bumpers or make your own, it's not difficult if you have decent, basic fabrication skills. Motorsport Auto sells aftermarket air dams and bumpers in fiberglass and carbon. A lot of people just paint them flat black and bolt'em on. Looks pretty good in my opinion although I'm not a fan of the side skirts and rear dam. I ran no rear bumper with the holes exposed and a flat black Type II front air dam on my 280z for years. I liked the minimalist look.
  8. rossman

    New to the Z world! Wanted to say HI!

    As for starting it, first you'll need to drain and flush the fuel system. I'm sure the carb bowls are full of gunked up old fuel. A lot of people ditch the flattop carbs in favor of the older style round top SUs although I've read that if you know what you're doing you can get the flattops to run well. Personally I'd start planning for fuel injection and Megasquirt or some other aftermarket FI.
  9. rossman

    New to the Z world! Wanted to say HI!

    Welcome! Must be a very late production date as those bumpers are the same as 75/76 280z's with fuel injection. I assume you plan to modify it since you're here. The first thing I would do is ditch those bumpers and bumper shocks. You'll lose close to 100 lbs that's hanging off the extreme ends of the car.
  10. Yah, me too. I've seen at one other person on HZ notice the issue. Maybe others just don't realize it's moving around. I also found it ridiculous that T3 put the cut-out for their logo right in the load path, further reducing the stiffness of the mount.
  11. Your bracket looks like it will hold the load much better than that flimsy T3 bracket. To drive the point home all you have to do is run some simple numbers. Lets assume your engine will be putting out 400 lbs-ft of torque at the crank with a 2.66:1 first gear ratio, 3.7:1 differential, and the mount is 6" from the center of the output flange. With that setup your engine will be applying (400 x 2.66 x 3.7) / .5 = 7,873.6 lbs at that interface! And that's just constant load, not considering the dynamic effect when you dump the clutch from a stand still. That case would be at least 2 times higher. To make things worse, the t3 bracket is cantilevered so you're applying that load in bending on chassis mounts that were designed to take the straight pulling load from a stock, ~150 lbs-ft engine.
  12. rossman

    Valve cover issues

    I didn't. RTV will eventually break down but it's soft so it may be OK.
  13. Autopower makes more than one version for the S30. I recently purchased the one that attaches to the wheel arches for ~$500 from MSA. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/50-1924
  14. rossman

    Valve cover issues

    Of course you can. Underneath the larger blobs of epoxy are screws that you'll have to remove. I cleaned all the epoxy off mine, and just reinstalled it without the epoxy. Use Loctite on the screws. I'm not getting any excessive oil in my catch can. This is a common issue with these old cars. Search around to see what others did.
  15. rossman

    Ross' Sleeper Z

    The holes in the rails are currently just plain holes. I just purchased a cool rivnut installer so I'm planning to drill it out for 1/4" rivnuts. Regarding the angle, I just used 1x1 angle, tacked it to the sides then welded on 14 gauge to the side to tie in the floors. If I did it again, I would just use 1x2 as you mentioned. The challenge is getting the angle to fit on all sides to the irregular shape of the floor. I made many, many trips back and forth from the car to the bench grinder. Probably should have just clamped the grinder to the floor pan in the car to save myself so many trips! If you're that tall I wouldn't recommend using S2K seats. They sit very tall even with shortened rails. I'm a tad under 5'11" but have a long torso. I can only get 3 fingers between my head and the headliner.