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  1. rossman

    Back on the road after 6 years

    Welcome back! The new turbo and turbo setup looks pretty slick. I like the way you integrated the adapter with the wastegate port - all of the angles look like they will flow well. I have a GT3576R (pre X model) with a .63 A/R turbine and seems to work well with my engine. I'm sure the X version would perform even better.
  2. rossman

    Modified 240z Tank

  3. rossman

    l28e Crankshaft vs l28et Crankshaft

    They are the same. The only one that's different to my knowledge is the diesel version.
  4. rossman

    Sequencing Issues.

    It looks like your setup is good - pretty much the same as mine. Since your coils are wired to the Wolf channels in the correct firing order, I don't think it matters where your 0 is as long as you sequence each channel in numerical order and "0" (#4 in this case) is at TDC on the compression stroke when the coil fires immediately after SYNC. If that is the case then it seems that the firing order of 3,4,5,0,1,2 would work.
  5. rossman

    Sequencing Issues.

    That's what I thought. I guess I could have read your original post more carefully! I didn't go by the v500 manual - there is a simple (at least to me) how-to set up in this forum that I followed. Seems like the manual is telling you to find "0," like it's an unknown setup. I just set it on cylinder 1 since that is the first ignition timing event and it keeps things simple. That said, it all depends on your "Engine RER/SYNC Setup" and "Trigger REF" setup. I may be able to help more if you post screenshots of those. Edit: I just realized you're using v550 not v500. As you probably noticed, this forum is not active and I don't know if there are any other active people here using either v500 or v550.
  6. rossman

    Sequencing Issues.

    What do you mean by "0" point?
  7. rossman

    Sequencing Issues.

    I think you're over thinking it. I have my injectors set up the same as you: coil/injector 1 on cylinder 1, coil/injector 2 on cylinder 2, etc. Since the firing order of the L6 is 1-5-3-6-2-4 and Wolf starts with counting with 0 instead of 1, your offsets should be 0-4-2-5-1-3. You are correct that the ignition pulse skip should be 5 since you have a 6 event trigger wheel. Sequential injection is set up exactly the same way. Hope this helps.
  8. Mine was manufactured on 11/71. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread......
  9. I have the same problem with my steering column wire harness. Had a pictures of the installed wires from the last time I disconnected them but now they're gone and I need them again. From what I remember previously, some or all of those wires change colors at the connections. What we need is for some helpful soul to take pictures of his harness with the individual wires separated apart so we can identify them. I found a couple of pictures on Google Images but none were clear enough for me to identify which wire was which. edit: there are a few here: http://240z.jeromio.com/ac.html but my color vision is poor making that much difficult for me....
  10. It's a great looking car. Job well done!
  11. Just pull it out and check it. It may be worn or broken internally.
  12. rossman

    Z31 axle swap problems

  13. rossman

    Z31 axle swap problems

    Had the exact same thing happen on my car with stock suspension ,Z31t axles, and Modern Motorsports adapters. Stretching out the boot might help but it relies on friction to hold it in place so it may just slide back after some period of time. But, it's worth a shot. I had decided that the differential was flexing too much so I installed TTT mustache bar (previously stock 280z) and ground the corner off the LCA where it comes close to the boot. The car is still on jack stands so I don't know if that combination worked. Installing aftermarket LCAs hadn't crossed my mind until now....
  14. rossman

    Wastegate upsizing

    At least you figured it out! All of us that were trying to help assumed that the control setup was good. Take it as a lesson learned; start with the simple stuff first and verify before you move on to the next, more complex possible cause.