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  1. That's good advice from Gareth. J. The wiring and connectors to the ammeter is a known source of car fires on old 240z's. The ammeter sees full system current all the way up to the gauge. Old corroded wires and connectors build up resistance across the connections leading to heat build-up, melted insulation/connectors and finally fire. I'd recommend ditching the ammeter for a voltmeter. You don't have to pull the dash and there are instructions how to do it on this site.
  2. Awesome build! I'd recommend something different than the T3 front differential mount. That type of mount is known to move around under load.
  3. Ah, I thought the holes in the throttle bodies we're injector holes. It may be ok then. The will still see some fuel so you might want to check them periodically.
  4. Is that silicone hose you are using to mount your ITBs to the manifold? I'm pretty sure fuel will break down the silicone.
  5. Turbo?

    Chickenman nailed it. You pretty much have to start over. These old engines are prone to knock especially in cylinders 5&6. Modifying the head with a coolant bypass (as discussed in one of the L6 stickies) may help a little but with pump gas I bet it still knocks like crazy with any kind of real boost. If you end up starting over, I would start with a decent running NA engine. Once you get it set up and running good, then spend the money on a fancy turbo build. That way if the blow up the NA engine, there is less money lost. Oh, and by the way triple weber setups are cool! Alas, more power is addictive and I get it. I caught the bug back in 2008. But unless you're racing, a finely tuned NA L6 is more fun to drive on the street IMHO. A lot of the power my car produces just ends up going up in (tire) smoke. That's my $0.02. Good luck.
  6. Absolutely beautiful! I certainly wouldn't cover those with powder coat.
  7. Austin Leonard Automotive - The Datsun Build

    Welcome to the forum! I agree with rbturbo. It's your car, ignore the purists and build what you want. You mentioned money a few times in your video so you might want to consider building a turbo l28. You can easily get 300 hp to the wheels and it's probably the least expensive way to go if you keep it reasonable.
  8. Ross' Sleeper Z

    I'd say the fit was reasonably acceptable only after I cut away most of the existing frame rail. Even then both the original and BadDog rails required quite a bit of tweaking/panel beating. Thanks! I have a small bit of welding left to do on the passenger side. Next will be treating it all with Ospho followed by primer, paint and 3M rubberized undercoating underneath.
  9. Revisiting the line lock

    I actually have a stainless version of that valve that I was going to use for a line lock too, until I saw that a parking brake option was available for the AZC Wilwood setup. I never really liked the idea of not having a mechanical way to brake the car.
  10. Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

    Thanks! I will! I wanted to verify because, according to the boxes I received, I had to install the left caliper on the right of the car and vice versa. I couldn't find any markings on the calipers to verify.
  11. Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

    Does this look like the correct orientation of the mounted right hand parking brake?
  12. Fuel line routing

    After upgrading my mustache bar to a Techno Toy Tuning bar my custom fuel line routing doesn't work anymore. The bar is considerably taller than stock and pinches the flex hose. I'm considering a few options and I'm looking for suggestions. Options I've considered are the following. 1. Routing the flex lines around the outer mustache bar mounts. 2. Installing 30 degree fitting instead of straight as pictured. 3. Drilling thru the side of the frame rails and bending new tubing to mate up to the existing tube. 4. Other options? Let me know what you think. Cheers, Ross
  13. boosted300's RB 240Z

    Gotcha, thanks!
  14. boosted300's RB 240Z

    I'm really enjoying your build. Keep up the great work! I'm planning my VintageAir install and I'm curious why you used hard line, after the condenser. Shouldn't it be insulated? Not criticizing, just curious/learning.
  15. Ross' Sleeper Z

    Floor pans, frame rails and seat brackets are done! I used modeling clay to get the as-installed profile of the pan. Downside is that the clay shrinks as it dries. Didn't figure that out until the second bracket that I cut short.