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  1. FPR and Fuel Pressure Help

    3. As stated earlier, Aeromotive A1000 EFI Regulators are popular. I'm using one on my car. Whatever brand you get, you typically need one that is adjustable and has 1:1 vacuum/boost reference.
  2. Look for the thread in the L-series FAQs. Basically, cylinders #5 & 6 tend to be prone to detonation due to poor coolant circulation in that area of the head. The mod is to drill/tap holes on the driver's side of the head just above #5 & 6 exhaust ports then plumb those ports directly to the thermostat housing.
  3. Run a newer, efficient turbo & intercooler, good ecu, do the head cooling mod, smooth out the combustion chambers and deshroud the valves and I bet you'll be pushing 300 hp no problem.
  4. The note in the bottom left corner of this image. Now that I read it again, maybe it will work with all of the controllers listed.
  5. speedhut.JPG

    From the album speedhut manual

  6. speedhut manual

  7. The gauge came calibrated for innovate. I'm not sure if it's user configurable. From the manual: Your wide band gauge is calibrated to work with Innovates 10-18 AF (.880-3.54volts). I'm not married to the gauge or controller but it'd be nice to have options.
  8. I have another question sorta related to the first one. Since my Speedhut gauge is set up for innovate lambda controller output, will a Spartan lambda controller work with my gauge?
  9. Thanks! It would seem like a pretty straightforward conversion from voltage to afr.
  10. I'm in the market for a datalogger and very interested in the iDash. Does the iDash basic support output from an LC1? Is the basic upgradeable to add O2 control?
  11. Oil Filter Pressure Relief Valve Plugged?

    You don't need the bypass valve. Buy high quality oil filters and change them often.
  12. New to forums and z cars

    If I were to do it again, I'd source a good long nose r200, Techno Toy Tuning mustache bar, MFactory LSD, Wolf Creek Racing CV Halfshafts with 280z stub axles.
  13. I used the tall Jeep mount and "tuned" the differential nose height by removing material until the angle between the transmission and differential were within a couple of degrees.
  14. Heat soaked

    I was actually trying to help you out and I advised you to listen to NewZed. Grannyknot is willing to help. Heck, I will help too, but you're going to have to make an effort and collect some data as requested. We are all just guessing based on the information you've given so far. Have you bothered to check the coolant level and spark plugs as NewZed asked?
  15. Heat soaked

    You are right, you have to start somewhere. You are about where I was 33 years ago when I started fiddling with cars. Listen to NewZed, he is helping you... Keep in mind that HybridZ is meant for people who already know how to diagnose and solve common overheating problems. It's kinda expected that those that post here have already gone thru all the standard diagnosis steps and fixes but still need help because, for whatever reason those steps didn't fix the problem. Patience runs thin for newbies who haven't done their homework, especially when they cop an attitude. Google is your friend, search something like "how to diagnose engine overheating" and go from there...