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  1. Who else runs a YouTube channel?

    Do you think people will eventually switch to LBRY or some other block chain type content provider?
  2. 2x3 frame rails on a 280z

    I slid my bad dog frame rails up as far as they would go and scribed them to fit the car. I had to cut almost the entire length. I think they're made to weld to the sides of the existing frame rails, not the floor, at least on the 280. I wanted mine to fit the floor. Just get some U channel, scribe it to the floor, and cut, cut, cut.
  3. Ask for underneath photos. Inside the front fender wheels looking at the back of the fenders, and the lower area behind where the crossmember mounts to the body. Those are common rust points on a lot I've seen around here. A fresh painted car can be just fine, or hide a lot. I think it was called Project Hugo on youtube where a guy in Sweden bought a "rust free" Z, and half the car ended up being covered in fiberglass, so get as many underneath pictures as you are able to. Tell him to put his phone on video and stick it under there and move it around slowly at the minimum so you can get a good idea of the general condition down there.
  4. For an all around car, I think a good starting point would be to go with a gear ratio close to what the factory used with that transmission. A mainly strip car, autox car, or a track car may need something much different.
  5. Datsun lock pins

    Is there a locksmith around thats been in business for a long time near you? Maybe they have some?
  6. If you use a T56, 1st gear will be useless with a 4.08. With a 3.54, it goes by in a second.
  7. How much caster do you think it's safe to go with an all adjustable suspension (TTT) for a street car? I can't remember what I have now, but I think it's a little more than stock. I'll have to see if I still have my photo with the settings of everything.
  8. Are those numbers on a street driven also car?
  9. I also have been looking at a lot of new RWD cars with IRS suspensions in traffic. Porsche, BMW, some American cars.... It appears that they have more negative camber on the rear than on the front. Is this a better way to setup suspension? Something like back in the 50s, 60s, some cars had positive camber, and over the years they figured out negative is better for handling, so now everyone goes for negative?
  10. Did you use the street or track specs for your alignment from the sticky?
  11. 280z efi tank question

    Does the 76 have baffles in the tank? I have a 78 and it looked like the tank had some baffling in it.
  12. I used 22478 for the lower and 21588 for the upper with a steam vent.
  13. Does anyone know what size gasket goes on the collector of the JTR headers? And which is the highest quality gasket to get? I have one that blew out, and need to replace it.
  14. I got the entire column with motor from a pull a part.They charge $45 for the whole unit, just make sure you reassemble it. If you bring it up there in 2 pieces, they will charge you for 2 things.
  15. LS1 A/C

    I got the vintage air compaq. It fits, but its a super tight fit. I'm in the south so I wanted the largest I could possibly fit.