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  1. Xenon air dam angled upwards?

    What wheels are those? I love dirty gold wheels.
  2. Xenon air dam angled upwards?

    The reason people think they're supposed to bolt on the outside is the msa moulds are so out of whack it fits over instead of under like they're supposed to. It took a lot to get the msa ones under and they still didn't fit correctly.
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Saturn-Vue-Chevy-Equinox-electric-power-steering-controller-EPAS-/122354361512?hash=item1c7ce364a8:g:I7AAAOSw0cdZfi49&vxp=mtr
  4. Got it working last night. I only went up and down the street at slow speed, but power steering is wonderful. When I hooked it up, it turned easier right than left. If you remove the cover from the Saturn control box, there are 3 potentiometers. If you turn the one labeled VR1 in very small increments one way or the other, you will find the setting to get it equal.
  5. It's a weekend car with a few autocrosses. I have slicks for track days and autocrosses when I can get someone to follow me in my truck. I would love to figure out how to hook up a trailer like green hornet has. It's been almost a year since the last autocross. The rivals are great for dry days but are like driving on ice in a storm. If I know it's going to rain, I don't drive the Z, but sooner or later you get caught in a pop up storm. It's scary in the wet with Rivals.
  6. Have you ever used Toyo R1Rs?
  7. They are almost 3 years old with 4000 miles, give or take, on them. Tire rack said they would pro rate them based on age and treadwear. I only have about 3/16" of tread in the middles of them all left. . I would have to mail them back and pay I think they said $7 a tire charge. I can't decide whether to go back with these or try something else.
  8. Anyone running rivals? I had my car up on the lift this weekend, and noticed all four were coming apart where the tread hit the sidewall. If you have them, check the inside as mine were only coming apart in the inside, the outsides were fine. Not sure which Tire I should replace these with, as these things had crazy good traction.
  9. This was his answer, which I don't know how to respond to: Thank you for contacting us, may i please have your VIN number, and your OEM part number to see what we have in stock.
  10. I said do you have the faster ratio 240 rack?
  11. USB Chargers in your S30?

    I put one of these in another vehicle I had, I picked it up at a truck stop. The enclosure comes apart with screws so you can easily mount it to something, a bracket, the top of the glove box, Etc. On the first one I ever bought, the cigarette lighter plug on it broke. I hard-wired it in and it worked great.
  12. I emailed that guy to see if he has any plans on reproducing the 240 rack.
  13. Do you know what year 240s have the quick rack? 260s?
  14. Alignment numbers

    If the shops there are like the shops here, they tend to just get things "in the green". They want to do the least possible and get you out the door.
  15. Connected all the wires up except power. Made a little plate to cover where the sensor wires go into the motor. A 5/16-24 tap works in the holes already in the unit to bolt the plate to. Reinstall the little P shaped gasket back into it. By mounting the control box up high, I was able to plug the motor directly into the control box without having to lengthen the wires.