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  1. getting there, engine is back in, ride height ist still too high but i guess it will settle down.
  2. and then life happened wy to busy but outsourcing work always works! Color is Alanitgrey from 2017 Mercedes Benz but without the matte component added to the clear.
  3. Progress

  4. G-Nose in Cleveland

    wow,second one looks still reasonable... Anybody wants to ship that to me ? thanks for the picturesthumpgun
  5. G-Nose in Cleveland

    Hi, just found a G-Nose for 500$ in Cleveland. Anybody willing to pick it up so I could have it shipped to me ? Greetings, Richard
  6. Japan or Euro L6 valve cover

    I will look it up and let you know
  7. Japan or Euro L6 valve cover

    there is a difference? Have two but you won´t like shipping
  8. And off to the painter it is... decided to go full stock and have it 306 again. (worst case it will get foil later ^^) sitting really high in the back, hope it settles down (kept the original springs but got new shocks in, Gabriel iirc). It actually still had the fully serviceable units. in other news, care package in all its glory, seals , stuff and more. Big shout out towards California. Man, i love those blue plates, sooo sad i can´t run them here in case somebody knows some more details. Plate holder says Myers-Mears (whats that?) and the car was purchased in Richmont, Ca
  9. [searching for ] G-Nose

    Hello folks, just to renew my interest, if anybody has a g-nose he no longer intends to use, or if you just want to help me build an extralong 2+2, let me know. I´d prefer a cheapish one since shipping alone will kill me greetings, Richard
  10. Did the same thing, just rotate, have one person hold it and rotate and you will see it touches and turns then move the slit 180° to fix it in place (76 4 speed unit into 93 200SX KA18det 5 Speed box)
  11. Tüv is discussing with me about the turbine wheels even though they aare period correct and on the car. But they weren´t noted in the cars documents (surprise in america) so they won´t allow it. Now I need to bring period parts calatogues to proove they are period correct ... and yes, autobahn and Nürburgring, both places a not 100% safe car willget you killed
  12. rather tiny progress but hey... the wheels are the TÜV version but came out a LOT nicer than I expected. They have all season tires which I got dirt cheap so I have a TÜV set with some actual use in early/late season driving (background: since the car can technically go 210 with the Tüvs formula I would need to buy right sized high-speed tires which are silly expensive, with all season tires you can but up to 2 speed indexes slower tires while still being legal ...isn´t german DMV fun ). Just in case they complain about the general lee ones ^^ Next: Paint and reassembly. Will keep the stock paint, dull but the car is too good to mess with. just hope my seal pack didn´t get lost in transit (dangerdan? ) ^^
  13. and some more progress and scraping sadly I didn´t document the rear axle before it went back in but looking good. Luckily the doors are good, (edit, nothing done to them so far) engine is back together and waiting to go in
  14. well, paint was selected with a color card but things happen ... odd light is not really helping here but looks way closer matched without the yellow light