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  1. 280Z Alternator Problem

    do yourself a favor and retrace the swap... just to be sure your starting point is where it should be http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/alternatorswap/index.html
  2. Citroen SM

    Somebody living close to Fargo? https://fargo.craigslist.org/cto/d/1976-toyota-camper/6442317664.html looks fishy though.....
  3. Citroen SM

    yes, it´s just a problem buying and shipping one. I was incredibly lucky with Dangerdan last time but I really don´t want to push my luck .... which is why it would be good if someone finds one off craigslist and can broker a deal ^^
  4. Citroen SM

    As a matter of fact, yes... with an uglyed up front, because you can´t have headlights behind glass.... Thing is, those here are rusted out and i know Citroen Ds enough to know they are worse than Datsuns when it comes to rust.
  5. Citroen SM

    Well, it´s worth asking. My 280z 2+2 is nearing completion, so time to look for the next project (and honestly, people here are crazy enough to actually hoard one; I am looking at you TonyD) My 3 Dreamcars are 280z 2+2 , Citroen SM and Toyota Chinook. If you ever wake up and find one blocking your driveway let me know ^^
  6. Hello, just a quick question thats driving me crazy... the 280z has a small sensor attatched to the fuel sensor (see ) What is that and where can I buy a replacement? Everything else is perfect, just the small (capacitator?) is completely rusted away. Can I steal a generic one from some ebay fuel sending unit? THANKS!
  7. My father took over the work somewhat while I am chained to a desk.... nevertheless, progress! we chose 1K Urethane rust inhibitor paint for the inside floors, seems to be working well
  8. [looking] MS2.x to play around

    Hello, does somebody have a MS2 set he no longer needs? Just looking for a cheap something to play around with to get a feel for whats involved. Greetings, Richard
  9. the one time i really like dark and moist garages when storing cars. Germany, the land of pristine uncracked dashes... even still flexes (but oh, the rust. Came from the black beauty 2+2 i butchered some time ago). Also, window is in (also from donor as last one broke sadly the windshield has scratch marks (who needs wiper blades .... ) . Did anybody try to polish those off? and rust be gone! (thanks dad!)
  10. First Z!

    and so it begins! Have fun, looks like you will^^
  11. getting there, engine is back in, ride height ist still too high but i guess it will settle down.
  12. and then life happened wy to busy but outsourcing work always works! Color is Alanitgrey from 2017 Mercedes Benz but without the matte component added to the clear.
  13. G-Nose in Cleveland

    wow,second one looks still reasonable... Anybody wants to ship that to me ? thanks for the picturesthumpgun
  14. G-Nose in Cleveland

    Hi, just found a G-Nose for 500$ in Cleveland. Anybody willing to pick it up so I could have it shipped to me ? Greetings, Richard