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  1. WTB: 280ZX 79-81 brake master cylinder

    Just noticed your request indicates specifically 79-81. Not certain how the 82-83 varies from what you are looking for.
  2. WTB: 280ZX 79-81 brake master cylinder

    I have this from my '83ZXT
  3. '89 ZXT Part Out

    Yep. Still on the car.
  4. Dual Exhaust CUTTING OUT

    Or get creative and fill the whole thing with something symmetrical.
  5. t-top weather stripping

    G-Tech, should you run into issues with your seals let me know. I have the seals from my '83ZXT in good condition, I believe. I am local too (Horseheads, NY - I think we've dealt with one another before).
  6. Looking for window hardware

    I have two (L&R) metal portions of the side windows in good condition (guides intact).
  7. '89 ZXT Part Out

    Good question. I don't know what a steering wheel is worth. Shoot me an offer.
  8. '89 ZXT Part Out

    Seats are charcoal/dark grey and not pretty. Unfortunate since the power functions work. They might be good candidates for a re-skin. I also have the seats from the '88 turbo. They are blue cloth and in very good condition.
  9. '89 ZXT Part Out

    Parting out an '89 300ZX Turbo. Auto car, fully loaded, black interior. Sat for a long time before I acquired it therefore the undercarriage is rusty. All electronics function. Let me know what you are in need of and I will respond with availability and condition, including pics if you desire. Additionaly I have items left from an '88 ZXT so I might have multiples of certain items. Before you ask, R200 diff and axles are long gone.
  10. wtb-axle companion flange for 300zxt

    I plan to begin dismantling an '89 ZXT this weekend. If you are indeed looking for OEM Z31 parts I will likely have what you need.
  11. 73 240z Gas Tank

    Location? I have the tank pulled from my '71.
  12. New - ST and MSA sway bar kits

    Zracer - Thank you for the positive feedback. Pleasure doing business with you. MidnightCafe - PM sent
  13. New - ST and MSA sway bar kits

    Horseheads, so a fairly long drive between us (~3 hrs). Might be able to figure something out to make a reasonable transaction.
  14. New - ST and MSA sway bar kits

    Updated. ST kit no longer available.
  15. New - ST and MSA sway bar kits

    PM replied to.